Our Life, Our Death!


The following is my personal opinion and believe about death. I stand very strong and firm behind the idea that we must acknowledge that death is necessary in several situations, for the greater good of society and even for the world. This is why we must support abortion and the good that will come if it was ever recognized worldwide as an alternative to other extremes that many go through jut to not have kids. I also believe that war even though it is not pretty and many have died it is what made the world what it is today. Lastly supporting Euthanasia is very important by giving the patient or sick individual the right to end his or her suffering. These three statements can change the world if we all look at the possibilities that we can achieve if we all agree or follow these issues and fight for change for the greater good of society. Though these statements might sound harsh and at times cold hearted to some individuals it can be a new way to look at all the possibilities that we can get from recognizing the need of Abortion, Euthanasia, and War. The possibilities would be endless and very life changing in the choices that many would do around the world.

My believe in the greater good for abortion is that it should be available for all women no matter their background or what their story might be if they are in need of an abortion to prevent a child or themselves from suffering it should be available. My perspective is that abortion will help woman and the society as a whole understand the fear of having an abortion and why we need to overcome this medieval stigma of woman being looked down upon for having this procedures done. If we support abortion it will make greater sense for both young and older woman to stop having children without being able to provide for them, but most importantly to prevent their own suffering and the idea of shamefulness and suffering that a young woman would have. But just like author Judith J. Thompson wrote “abortion does not violate the fetus’s right to life but merely deprives the fetus of the use of the pregnant woman’s body”. I believe that this statement explains what abortion is truly about. That the issue of abortion has nothing to do with the taking of the life of a fetus but that abortion is simply the choosing not to subject the body to something that you don’t want wronging inside of you.

Another believe that I very strongly believe in and why death is necessary is the need for war! I believe that war and death go together like peanut butter and jam, that if we support our troops we also need to support the fact that some of them will not be coming back alive. My own personal perspective is that war now a day should be fought smarter with the least amount of fatalities for the good of the war. I also believe that fatalities in war are becoming less and less common than in the early 20th century and even thought our technology and the way we think over the years has made us smarter death is something that we still can’t cheat. In my opinion abortion is the deprivation of a woman’s body to give life to the fetus and the purpose of war is not to kill the enemy, but rather to deprive the enemy of his ability to wage war and to destroy others’ rights. I think this link is very similar and we should be willing accept these facts completely for the greater good of society and for a greater understanding of death.

My last stance is that euthanasia is for the greater good of society if we all had the right to choose euthanasia as a way out of the pain and suffering that some individuals suffer if given a prognosis of a short amount to life that would led them to not be able to care for themselves towards the final days and would make them and their families suffer euthanasia would be the best choice to end the suffering. I believe that this gives a voice the individuals who are suffering who just want the pain and suffering to end and don’t want to hurt any longer. Euthanasia is a part of life even though we fear death so much we still have to strong enough to understand death and know that we all must go one day and if we are ever in the position where we are suffering and our family is seeing us suffer what would we do in that situation if there was no way out?
In my opinion euthanasia is very similar to war it is a battle of emotions and of rights and decisions that we must take and in the end it will result in a death. It is a life changing decision for the greater good. Euthanasia is not pretty and it is not ugly, it is a choice to some this choice means freedom and to others this choice means an end to their story. Even though many will not agree that euthanasia is a part of life and that at times it is the best remedy for some on their death bed suffering they still might view this action as brutal and human, as an assisted suicide even though it ends their pain. That’s why we must agree euthanasia is the best choice for those individuals who are suffering tremendously and want a way to end their suffering.
In conclusion death is a part of many moral obligations that we all must understand, such as the moral obligation towards abortion which stops a fetus from growing for the greater good of the individual carrying it. Another obligation is, War were many have died for the greater good of a believe, or cause and finally euthanasia where individuals choose death for the greater good of others. We must all have a moral obligation towards death and acknowledge that death is necessary in several situations for the greater good.

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Euthanasia When is it Time


Author J.Gay-Williams had many great points on why Euthanasia is wrong and immoral and how he feels that euthanasia is taking the life of a hopeless individual intentionally. Even though I don’t agree with most of the points that the author is trying to establish I do agree with the one point that the desensitization of individuals is progressing more and more each year. However I don’t believe that this fact alone is influencing individuals to choose, or make the decisions for euthanasia. My own personal believe is that euthanasia at times is much better than the suffering and pain an individual might go through as well as the family seeing an individual suffering knowing that they will eventually die. In a way I can relate to the feeling of euthanasia, I recently to put one of my dogs down due to the fact that he had lost the use of his hind legs and was suffering in excruciating pain. Not comparing a pet to any individual by no means, I still feel that the emotional part affects us. Never having had the decision to put anything down or even let alone the life of a pet I was faced with the decision that euthanizing my dog that I had raised since he was a pup was the best decision for my dog and me. In my opinion the author did not do a great job explaining the difficulties of euthanasia from the emotional side of the individual who has to euthanize or approves the euthanasia to be done on the individual who is suffering.
Do you guys agree that euthanasia is at times, is the only escape, or termination of an individuals life in order for them to stop suffering and continue in pain?

Can Justice Go to Far??


The author of this publication Ernest Van Den Haag, has some very compelling defenses of the death penalty. His defense that the unequal distribution of the death penalty among those who are guilty has no consequences is a very one sided way to look at capital punishment. Even though his thoughts on why we need to assert capital punishment and the consequences that come along with it, assert a very just and capitalists way of looking at things he still doesn’t answer what would happen with the men to are executed and are later found not guilty. In his readings he made it sound that like if a few have to be lost for the greater good then so be it. As it stands right now by his reading there is about 20,000 homicides that occur in the United States on an average year and very few of those found guilty and convicted for capitol punishment ever get executed. Yes I believe this is a waste of the taxpayer’s money, but I don’t agree that any innocent individual’s should have to lose their lives for others mistakes even if it’s a law.
Do you guys agree or disagree with this topic? I don’t think Ernest Van Den Haag, looked at the whole picture of placing yourself in the shoes of an innocent individual awaiting to be executed for a crime he did not commit. His point of miscarriages of justice was a little far one sided for me agree any further. There is no way that trucking, lighting, or construction, cost the lives of some innocent bystanders is the same as an innocent individual losing his life for a crime he did not commit.
Do you guys agree with the author on any of his topic points?

Sexism: Its What Sales!!

Sexism: Its What Sales!!

After reading the following articles on sexism I totally agree that today’s advertisements are exploiting woman’s sexuality and try to shove a certain type of life style and look down everyone’s throat. I especially was amazed by the automobile commercials that spend half the time showings a woman’s body and less and of the actual automobile that they are trying to sell. Advertisements like these are the ones that exploit woman in my opinion. Where they have nothing to do with the commercial but are thrown half naked just to catch both men’s and women’s attentions. Even though I agree that some of these advertisements are also liberating to woman by allowing them to express their body’s from all the oppression they have gone through they should still set an example for the younger generation that views today’s media as normal and not pushing the limits of advertisements.
Should certain commercials be banned from television during certain times slots? Do you guys agree?
One of the commercials that stood out to me was the Doritos commercial where at first I couldn’t understand if they were advertising sex or the actual Doritos. Even though it does catch ones attention it still has nothing to do with what is being advertised. It seems that we are spending 30 seconds out of our life’s watching a pointless advertisement that only enables us by images of half-naked woman. The question is now, have we let advertisement grow beyond our control? I believe that advertisements now a days has a direct effect of how we look, act, and buy.

PORN a form of art or exploitation

womans rights

After reading these articles of the pro porn view and anti porn view I can only agree with the liberal view of woman having the right to choose what they feel is right for them and their bodies. Unless its harmful or dangerous to a woman or anyone else then I believe both men and woman can chose to view or participate in the porn industry without harsh judgments. One of the articles had a quote that said “a woman’s body, a woman’s right” this stood out to me I do agree with this quote and some points of the liberal view. However the Anti-porn feminist view had many great points as well. One that stood out to me was that woman are exploited far more than men in the porn industry. Were men are viewed as cool and extreme woman are viewed as low class and degrading.
Does anyone agree that, woman are viewed as a piece of meat and not as a work of art in the porn industry?
The liberal feminist view had great points as far as the movement and struggles they had to endure through the 1960’s for equal rights and reform. Woman took this opportunity to reform the porn industry as well and gave woman equal rights and pay just like men. They were now viewed a little different with in the industry not just as an exploited worker with no rights but as equal worker expressing themselves as so called art. In an industry were men are viewed as king’s woman rose to be equal or even greater within the porn industry.
Does anyone agree that woman have come a long way within the porn industry?

What’s Affirmative, about Affirmative Action?

Affirmative Action

Reading “What is Wrong with Affirmative Action?” opened my eyes to what the author was trying to put across in this reading. Even though it’s mostly one sided they still make great points of how equality and the intentions of affirmative action in our society have loopholes. The author made some great points on how affirmative action is basically a short fix and that African Americans especially shouldn’t settle for less, even though I agree a certain point with the author I felt he should have explained in more detail what settling for less entailed. Do you guys agree with the author? Are todays affirmative action laws just a short fix to what Americans really need in order for everyone to gain equality?
The author also wrote that today’s Affirmative action laws are a direct result of the civil rights confrontations from the 1960’s. He explained that whites accepted the support of Affirmative action mostly in part to stop the violence and hatred against African Americans and whites. I believe this tested both sides and whites had to off seen the need for equality in Affirmative Action. Do you guys accept this believe that Affirmative action was implemented as a way to spot violence and create a short fix for equality?
One line that stood out to me was “Under Affirmative action the quality that earns preferential treatment is an implied inferiority.” Do you guys agree with the author on this? I think that the author should have supported this statement a little better.

Why the Cutting Needs to Stop!

Why the Cutting Needs to Stop!

Reading the class articles on FGM and actually reading news articles and websites dedicated to the extinction of FGM and the many horrors that young girls and woman go through and have been going through for many years was very shocking. It made me aware of how many religious believers and followers go to extremes without real cause other than a tradition handed down for many generations that not only harms young woman but actually leaves them traumatized.
I believe this is a type of “Religious Bullying” towards woman. Its either suffer through the pain for a little while or be out casted or even murdered for not following a certain religious believe. Do you guys agree? I mean we allow circumcisions for young males in our country also for religious believers and health reasons, but to an extent. Are we just more rational in our religious believes than certain cultures?
I think Koplans views towards FGM, was very just as far as it being wrong morally and culturally. Even though certain religious still believe that it can be justified as an important passage for woman growing into adult hood, medically there are no signs that this practice is beneficial. However the real moral threat here is the ethical relativism and its apparent tolerance of cruel and unjust practices.
I think this has to be addressed on a higher scale than just a religious believe; this is child abuse and child endangerment. What do you guys think? Would this be permissible if anesthesia was used? Should we question someone else’s religious believes without actually following their religion or practicing it?