Euthanasia When is it Time


Author J.Gay-Williams had many great points on why Euthanasia is wrong and immoral and how he feels that euthanasia is taking the life of a hopeless individual intentionally. Even though I don’t agree with most of the points that the author is trying to establish I do agree with the one point that the desensitization of individuals is progressing more and more each year. However I don’t believe that this fact alone is influencing individuals to choose, or make the decisions for euthanasia. My own personal believe is that euthanasia at times is much better than the suffering and pain an individual might go through as well as the family seeing an individual suffering knowing that they will eventually die. In a way I can relate to the feeling of euthanasia, I recently to put one of my dogs down due to the fact that he had lost the use of his hind legs and was suffering in excruciating pain. Not comparing a pet to any individual by no means, I still feel that the emotional part affects us. Never having had the decision to put anything down or even let alone the life of a pet I was faced with the decision that euthanizing my dog that I had raised since he was a pup was the best decision for my dog and me. In my opinion the author did not do a great job explaining the difficulties of euthanasia from the emotional side of the individual who has to euthanize or approves the euthanasia to be done on the individual who is suffering.
Do you guys agree that euthanasia is at times, is the only escape, or termination of an individuals life in order for them to stop suffering and continue in pain?


3 thoughts on “Euthanasia When is it Time

  1. I think you do a great job at telling us why Williams should have looked more at the emotional side of euthanasia. There are definitely difficulties on both sides of the issue. We have been discussing basic individual rights for most of our course. Would not euthanasia fall under this discussion? I think an individual’s death can only be left up to that individual. We have in place “DNR’s” so that people can make decisions about their life if a time comes when they do not have the mental capacity to do so. We let individuals determine their fate in those situations but not in cases where the person IS mentally competent. Ultimately, we have the right to determine our fate as long as it does not harm others. Only under those circumstances does the state have the responsibility to infringe on our rights.

  2. I agree as well. William should have looked more into the emotional side of euthanasia. However, most of the points that he made in his argument I had to disagree with. I believe that at times, euthanasia is the right choice. Reason being, I had to put my dog down as well. It was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make. Yes, I could have waited and hope that by some miracle there would be a cure for his illness. But, hearing my dog cry in pain all day, everyday was just cruel. Therefore, I believe that there are times that euthanasia is best for both parties.

  3. Yes, William had many great points on why Euthanasia should be a right for individuals and I do agree to an extent. I believe that if he would have made a point as to why the emotional side shouldn’t matter in euthanasia my view might have changed slightly. I do acknowledge that we all have an expiration date and that we have to face that fate at some point but I think its way different than someone pulling a plug on a human being as if they were a machine

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