Bodily Integrality

Bodily Integrality

Bodily Integrality is extremely important because it is an issue that comes up in our everyday lives. The way we put yourself out to society can be both acceptable and comfortable for yourself, but someone else may be offended by it. This happens because there is such a wide range of opinion on bodily integrality. This is why I believe it is important to take a closer look at this topic and analyze it, especially since these there are laws in our country regarding these issues. These laws can have serious aftereffects for example, not allowing abortion can lead to illegal abortions where you have fetes and mothers dying. Considering how diverse Body Integrality is from different occupations to different species it is difficult to blanket the entire topic with one clear solution. The oppositional claims would have a lot of emotional claim that would not have any real substance.Everyone has their own moral standard, and once they get emotional they don’t listen to reasoning and push their own beliefs onto the next person. They also will try to give a different definition to a different situation which will put holes in their reasoning. To have a common ground on this topic I believe if you are in whole body and soul and able to make a conscience decision for yourself you should be able to make a decision for yourself if it affects only youself. Once it affects someone else or something else you should not be able to have so much control that you alter him/her/its life so much that you can not be undone the action. Body Integrity can be an emotional topic that need to be looked at objectively that is why I will assert we need to accept sex work, we must accept the porn industry, not support abortion and support animal rights.
After explaining how important Bodily Integrity is we must accept sex work. Sex work tends to be a taboo topic because many people believe it is morally wrong. I believe it is fine to do sex work if you are safe about it and if you are in whole body and soul able to make a conscience decision to do this line of work. This can be a gray area because the person may feel they are forced given their situation but in reality they do have alternatives. If someone in particular is forcing you to do it by threatening your life it is no longer acceptable. As long as it is two consisting adults sex work should be accepted. Both adults understand the terms beforehand, it can be seen as a legal contract. Usually this sex work is done behind closed doors that most people may not even know the details which is exactly why it should be accepted. They are exchanging goods or a service for something in return. It can be seen in the same manner of paying a mechanic to service your car when the check engine light comes on. You have a problem that you can handle yourself but prefer to have a professional handle. When it comes to this topic Lars O. Erricsson shares my same belief of (Erricsson, Lars O) it becoming an irrational discussion once someone see’s it immoral. This is because sex is an exclusive action many will argue can be shared only with someone they love. Once you want to compare it to any other service people then become offended. Once someone has a certain belief for something like a religious background belief it is impossible to change their mind. It would be like trying to say their religious is wrong or change their religion as a whole. Some may say sex work is immoral because it is putting a price on your body when a body does not have price and should be respected. If someone wants to put a price on their body and someone is willing to pay that price then let then let them. An understandable argument is when someone brings up how dangerous and unsafe sex work can be. If we monitor it and have more regulations these issues can be eliminated. In the documentary Whores’ Glory one of the men in that area was interviewed saying if they did not have the brothel district normal women would not be able to go go outside with ut being molested, and if women did not go outside men would rape cows and goats (Whore’s Glory). Sex work and porn can be put into the same category of bodily integrity because they both involve some type of sex work which they exchange actions for monetary value.
Building on the same principle of sex work we must also support the porn industry. This issues relates to Bodily Integrity because porn workers expose their body on film and photography which is then distributed to others. Porn can be seen to be completely different from sex work because it not only involves the actors in the film or photo but also the viewer. This claim of having a negative impact on the viewer is an argument with no reason behind. I say this because especially in the United States there are many requirements to adult content. From something as simple as sex in a film in the theaters, it is rated by it’s content and then there are requirement to see this content. The same thing can be seen if you try to purchase adult content magazines or film. The cashier by law needs to see your government issued identification card to confirm you are of legal age to view such content. The only gray area is the internet. Before entering an adult content website you must check if you are eighteen years or older. You see the effort but with today’s technology there is no way to confirm the the individual is or is not of legal age. I believe the government in the future will find the technology and implement it as soon as possible. Most of the time when people argue about the porn industry they focus on the women involved. Wendy McElroy wrote a great article in Free Inquiry Magazine regarding all the different positions but focus only on women. We must look into the men involved also because man or women they should be seen at the same level (McElroy, Wendy). What I always found industry is how so many people are against the porn industry while others idolise the actos. They refer to some actors and “porn stars”. From everyday people to celebrities themselves like Tiger Woods have this obsession over “porn stars” (Why Do Guys Chase Porn Stars?). As sex work and porn involved two humans the issues of abortion does also but must be analysed in a different manner.
When it comes to Bodily Integrity we should not support abortion. Abortion has always been a hot topic for everyone. We have been voting on it for years and still are unable to come to a clear conclusion on what we want to be done by it. The reason we should support sex work and porn but not abortion is because the two or more parties involved no longer meet the requirement we presented. Sex work and porn includes two consenting adults while abortion does not. The mother may or may not be of whole soul body and mind because they are faced with a decision on a time sensitive issues. The mother may also may not be of legal age which will bring up the issue of being able to make a decision for herself. This leads to the fetus which has absolutely no input in the manner. If the mother does decide to go through with an abortion the cancels all potential of the fetus and the action has to reversible action. Once it is done it is done. Judith J. Thomas give a good argument of if you wake up hooked up to a violinist because they need your help to live. You then must think if you could save his life by remaining hooked up for 5 minutes he can live would you do it or what if it took 5 years would you still do it? I believe this has some relation to abortion but does not. If you are pregnant that means you did something which lead to that. There is no action that can make you prone to being hooked up to a dying person. Also you must put into consideration you don’t have to remain hooked up to this dying person when you are pregnant although limited you are still able to live your life as regular. Finally when pregnant you know you will be pregnant for about 9 months there is no wondering how long you must sacrifice to help this other person. There are alternatives to abortion. If the mother can not financially support a child or is unprepared they can carry out the pregnancy and put it up for adoption later on (There Are Alternatives to Abortion!). As seen in abortion animal rights involve a consenting adult and a nonconsenting living thing.
Animal rights is a tricky issue because it involves two different species. Although it does not involve two humans we need to still support animal rights. The gray area of animal rights is the fact that most of the population does indeed eat animals. I believe we should not neglect or beat animals or kill for any reason. The exception to this is when we do eat animal for nutrition. We have made a business of killing animals for food. This said we have predetermined animals we accept to eat. For example, we can not go kill an endangered species for food. There are animals that are raised for the sole purpose of killing for food. This is accepted because that is their role. This may sound cruel but we have always have a give take relationship. Especially here in the United States we do things to make our lives easier. We invented things like a remote control so we don’t have to get up and walk to the television screen to change the channel, or a vehicle to get us from point A to point B. It is possible to have a healthy diet without eating meat. Meat is a great meat source which is easier than eating a bunch of plant based or egg foods (Lack of Nutrition From Meat for Vegetarians.). Considering the reason it is acceptable to kill animals for food, Alastair Norcross argument no longer makes sense. The argument is trying to justify someone who really likes the taste of chocolate but are unable to taste it without killing a puppy. Other than the fact that this example is unrealistic he has no real reason to kill the puppy other than selfish reasons. There is no nutrition in chocolate and just something he likes. When eating an animal for nutrition it benefits millions (Norcross, Alastair). This can be better seen in a situation where a family is self sufficient and live off of their land. They raise their own animals and eat them to give them nutrition and energy to go through their day to day life.
Body Integrity is an obligation we all have to each other that is why we MUST accept sex work, we MUST accept the porn industry, NOT SUPPORT abortion and SUPPORT animal rights. Bodily Integrity is an important topic we all must evaluate. A good rule of thumb is to consider it is acceptable if it includes a consenting adult of soul body and mind to make the decision that only involves him or herself. Once that action is imposed on someone or something else and is irreversible it is no longer acceptable. We all have our own opinions and it is important to remember to respect other’s opinions. I believe in the future if we all evaluate this topic it would be easier to regard laws. For example how there are age requirements for adult content. As time goes on we can evaluate how things are being handle and if there is a better way to handle it. This said although we should not support abortion there are certain situations it should be accepted for example without the consent of both parents. For example in the situation of a women being raped. Because these situations are hard to prove given our limited technology I believe abortion should be passed as a law until we can better evaluate it.

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Moral Vs. Culpability

Moral Vs. Culpability

I too would rather say culpability compared to moral responsibility, this in mind I partially agree with the fundamental principle. I feel as if you are trying to define moral responsibility you must first have a uniform moral definition that is accepted world wide. Today we are nowhere near agreeing on what is moral. Even if you try to have a smaller subject group it would be difficult. Possibly in the 50’s it would be easier to agree on what is moral but even then it would be difficult. Personally I was raised in a VERY small town and was the youngest child so I have always been extremely overprotected. My mother was born in Mexico and had me in her 30’s so there are many things we disagree one. For example, since high school I was unable to be on the phone after ten because “a decent young women doesn’t do that” She believes is is unmoral. Now at 22 when I go home she still tries to give me the same lecture. I feel being on the phone that late is acceptable in today’s age. I have classes that get out at 10:00 p.m. That doesn’t mean after class I need to cut myself off from the world.
When you use culpability and put fault on someone; I feel both people have fault but you are trying to see who has the most fault. Considering this it would be seen as who can justify their action. This can be seen everyday within our lives. You may even say our government supports this idea. For example, if someone attacks you and you fight back this can be seen as a self defense defence which makes it acceptable. A more extreme case can be seen if a man beats his wife nearly to death constantly and she is in danger she may snap. In doing so she can assault him or even murder him. In the United States both assault and murder are against the law but with the battered woman defense in court of law she will not be penalized. This is accepted in court because she felt it necessary to act, she really believed she had to get him before he got her.
I chose this picture because everyone has their own interpretation of morals along with interpretation of what is right and wrong, in some cases your own views of morals and good and bad could not be the same thing. This can almost be comical to see how within your own mind you don’t agree with yourself.

Butterflies are Destroying the World!!!!

Butterflies are Destroying the World!!!!

Most people have heard about the butterfly effect mostly through movies and shows that include time travel. I remember watching the Butterfly Effect movie when it first came out once I became a teenager so I don’t really remember it but I do know I really liked it and made me think a lot more about consequences. Although I knew what the butterfly effect meant it wasn’t until working on this post I realized why the phrase “butterfly effect” is actually called butterfly effect. In chaos theory butterfly effect was first coined by Edward Lorenz. He came up with this phrase to explain a theoretical situation where a butterfly could flap its wing and far away several weeks later a hurricane will form. Although proving this theory can never really officially be proven because of many factors in place in the world it does make sense.
Every single action you do will have a consequence either good or bad. I would say in todays society consequences are usually overlooked both bad and unexpected. We do things expecting only the outcomes we think of to happen when in reality there are so many other factors that may cause other consequences you may even imagine which have a greater affect on someone else. Today society is too caught up in their own lives but that can only be taken into consideration to a certain extent because like the butterfly flapping it’s wings it does not intend to have such a great impact and it is not caught up in it’s own life.
The butterfly effect really makes us realize we must analyse a situation and really consider any possible consequence. If a butterfly has such a great impact imagine how bigger decisions we make in our lives will have a greater impact. It can be small things like what you order from a fast food restaurant or deciding where to go to school. The possibilities are endless and is exactly why you should always expect the unexpected.

The Truth, The Lie and The News

The Truth, The Lie and The News

The News like any other business does what it does for profit. This is why more people need to be critical about the news. The news will be misleading and skew their headlines to keep viewers watching. The news do this in different ways it can be just with the title to make you watch the entire clip or by using it as a teaser. They may have a big headline and mention it before each break to stay tune and the “big headline” could be nothing or just pretty much what they already said. The headline being skew can be seen on television or newspapers. Part of the headline could be true and as long as a portion of it is correct nobody questions it.
In addition to headlines being skewed images can also be skewed. That is why I chose this picture.You can see the entire image as one thing going on. In the screen it looks like the complete opposite. News can have a basic story and run in any direct they choose. This happens because as I mentioned earlier the news is in it for the money. They will show and talk about whatever will keep your interest and continue to watch their channel. Today there are many news channels to choose from which keeps them blowing stories out proportion. This causes them to get sloppy and sometimes they don’t even check their facts which most of the times they can get away with. Other times they get into trouble for example recently with the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend case. Nobody checked any sources and this fake girlfriend of an elite college football player who was supposedly sick and died from cancer never actually exist. On must also consider who the news works for. They will always try to put their own people in a good light in politics products or any other thing. The news is made to inform us but is the information really reliable? If not why do we still bother to watch?

The United States Government Supports Syphilis!!!!

The United States Government Supports Syphilis!!!! Or does it???? This can not be too much of a far fetch idea considering the United States Public Health Services conducted a study with Tuskegee Institute between 1932 and 1972. Yes, that is FORTY YEARS. It actually went unnoticed for the forty years. The point of the research was to see the damage that syphilis will do if left untreated. At the time the only effects were blindness; deafness; degeneration of the heart, bones and central nervous system; insanity; and death.
Six hundred black men were selected for the experiment in Alabama. They were promised free transportation to the hospital, free medical treatment for diseases other than syphilis, and free burial. The cherry on top was they did not receive clear explanations of the possible harm the disease could cause them if untreated.
Over the total six hundred men one-third of them never developed syphilis. One-third received treatment which at that time included arsenic-mercury (which was treatment before penicillin was discovered). The final one-third received no medical treatment.
The United States government according to our constitution purpose is
“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”
The government is suppose to establish justice. Was there justice with this experiment? The government is suppose to insure domestic tranquility. Was thee domestic tranquility in this experiment?The government is suppose to promote the general welfare. Was there general welfare with this experiment? The government has an obligation to its citizens which it did not meet.
During this same time period the United States government was a hypocrite. This is because Nazi doctors were performing similar barbarities on their inmates of concentration camps. During the Nuremberg trials after World War II the United States along with its allies found those doctors to be performing “crimes against humanity”. What justifies the United States to allow it’s own citizens perform and be victim to something that is “inhumane” for another country?
The researches in no way did any better. Researchers had three main obligations they should have considered when planning this experiment. The first would be the obligation as physicians to care for the patients. The second being their obligations to justice, which includes respecting human beings. And finally an obligation as researchers to serve mankind by seeking cures for deadly diseases.
In 1997 President Clinton apologized to the five survivors of the experiment as you can see in my video. Was this enough from the government? What else could they have done?

Whore’s Glory

Whores’ Glory is an EXTREMELY interesting documentary I recently watched on Netflix. I would suggest the film but would emphasize that it is VERY graphic. It can be difficult to watch at times. It is a compassionate documentary that follows the daily routine of and experiences of of prostitutes in Thailand,Bangladesh and Mexico. I found it very interesting how all three cultures have the same basic common ground of prostitutes but each one involved with this profession all see it completely different.

In Thailand one of the women says they have to enjoy what they do or else they would be unhappy. This in mind it is also only location in the film which the girls show up and they have people there to do their makeup hair and get ready where they all sit behind a glass wall with numbered pins where men choose them. They do interview men in each location and one of the men in the Thailand locationed said he was there to buy himself happiness.

In the Bangladesh location one of the women goes on to say how when men ask her to satisfy them orally she denies them because Allah did not create her mouth for that purpose. This is extremely interesting to me because someone with that lifestyle would limit herself to religious values. The other two locations did have many women who prayed constantly for customers.

In Mexico one of the women said the man could have a supermodel at home but they go to them just because it is different. Another woman goes on to say outside men look down upon them as they are disgusted and yell at them to get out of the town but those are the same men who go to them for services and that is when they love them. There is an unspoken rule where they do not communicate to each other outside her walls.

I would like to go more into detail about the young women in Bangladesh who is interviewed. She talked about her customers good and bad but goes on to say how women are miserable creatures. She continues to say it is hard to survive as a women.Some believe people choose the life they live when at times there is actually no choice for them. She says there is no other path for women. This brings up a double standard between women and men. What makes it worse is in that same location one of the men in that area was interviewed saying if they did not have the brothel district normal women would not be able to go go outside with ut being molested, and if women did not go outside men would rape cows and goats.

Is it too much to ask for a man to control his urges?

Where is the Thesis????

Where is the Thesis????

Evaluating an essay is extremely important because that is what we do for X amount of years in school. In high education you are graded usually on essays or some type of writing. To top it off in most majors at a university level to graduate you must do a senior thesis. Something so easy and simple to comprehend somehow explodes to become something that is difficult to grasp.
As most college students I am sure I am not the only one to have sat down to work on an essay and stare at a blank white computer screen and blinking cursor.
The thesis is the heart of the paper and is what the whole essay usually revolves around. It is the argument to the essay. Yet in most situations it is difficult to spot out right away. This is because poor writers sometime don’t include it, others decide to build up to it so it is at the end of the essay and some just don’t include it on purpose because they assume it is implied. Because the thesis is the main point to the essay it is important to keep an eye out for it the entire time you are evaluating an essay.
Next you must find the reason to support the essay. This is also known as the premises to the argument. Depending on the premise it can alter the way the reader thinks. After you must identify the evidence to see if it supports their argument and why it does. Something else a lot of poor writers forget are the arguments for objections or counterarguments. It shows that you are not close minded throwing out anything that goes against your argument, but understand. Although you are understanding where the opposing side is coming from you still have some sort of explanation how your argument is still correct. It is also important to throw out all the fluff in the essay. Fluff can be all the extra words or just anything that does not have to do with the argument. It is better to be short and to the point. After going through the systematic portion of how the essay should could or not include it is important to look deeper into it. This is when you consider the tone and emotive language to understand where writer is coming from.
Evaluating an essay is no easy task just as writing one is not. This is why I enjoy this phone because it captures in my opinion what most writers have gone through at some point if not multiple times in their writing life. The thesis as I mentioned earlier is the most important aspect because it is the argument you are trying to make. Once you have a thesis everything else is just to support it. When writing a thesis you should not be looking around, drifting off in your own mine, getting up, vacuuming, cleaning cobwebs, washing clothes, washing dishes, walking around and so on.