Guy Code

I thought this video closely relates to our reading on Masculinities. It answered a few questions of why we as men we follow a certain patter that the media, friends, co-workers etc. think we must follow. This content was able to answer some of those questions that I had as far as why we all follow a certain guy code. From example I was raised with the same way that our reading depicted what we equated manhood to bee. I was raised to be strong under any circumstance, to always reach and work toward success, that I had to be capable and reliable under extreme pressure or stress and that I always had to be in control. This reading actually helped me answer why I was thought to think like that from a young age, but I never knew why this inherited mind set was passed down to me and almost every other male I know. This guy code video helped me place these thoughts into a specific patter of why we think the way we do and why we act the way we do. The whole image of masculinity to me has always been to be a strong source of support and always be the reliable man that I was raised to be. This video however helped me understand why I viewed myself as that person. Our culture made me think and my family think this way, as an individual man we are taught to be string and self-dependent, but when we are in a group or with a mate we are thought to rely on each other and support each other which is totally different than relying on yourself. With this reading and this video I think I can now answer a few questions of why society made us think and act the way we thought we had to act.


3 thoughts on “Guy Code

  1. Masculinity is just another one of those constructs in society that makes us conform to a certain path or way of life. I do not think I was completely comfortable with my sexuality until I had girlfriend, a job, and knew I was going to college. I think knowing that I did not have to prove anything to anyone changed the mindset for me. It’s a shame too, because when I became more confident in myself I learned about and was exposed to a lot of new, interesting things that are not necessarily in accordance the idea of “masculinity.” I still very masculine about myself, but when it comes to things that are not in that category, I know longer feel uncomfortable. It’s funny because I have been questioned frequently about my masculinity, when I know things that a “manly man” is not supposed to know. My response to these unnecessary interrogations is that I do not need to prove myself. I wish every man could feel the notion that they don’t have to prove their masculinity.

    • Greta response Colin, I do understand everyone’s view in society and how a male or man is supposed to act your repose hit it right on the button. I also think i should have done a better job relating my writing with the video it touched on key subjects and i don’t think I did it justice. I also do think you hit some good point by your own recognition of how others feel uncomfortable or weird around others just by thinking that they might weird. This i believe starts from grade school, we are all taught to react a certain way without knowing why we are doing it. Seems like the blind leading the blind but I believe that society is too scared to admit what is around us now a day. If we continue to stay in our own bubble, not growing and maturing along with our surroundings we will become ignorant to others opinions and views without truly understanding the other persons point of view. I believe we need to start teaching our younger generation to be more understanding and knowledge able before judging anyone on their masculinity.

  2. I think it is important to even ask ourselves if there should be an idea of masculinity. Or, even if masculinity should exist, whether it should be so greatly tied to only men. In a world of growing gender equality, society is beginning to tear down those assertions that made men “men” in the past. From strength to stay at home dads, the lines are not so distinct that we are able to (or at least we should not) label something as masculine or feminine. What it means to be a man, such as this guy code, is no longer as definitive as it once was, and I look forward to the days where words such as “man” or “woman” are no more than just words, where we are all simply “people” in our own respects, and can cooperate and support one another accordingly.

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