Why the Cutting Needs to Stop!

Why the Cutting Needs to Stop!

Reading the class articles on FGM and actually reading news articles and websites dedicated to the extinction of FGM and the many horrors that young girls and woman go through and have been going through for many years was very shocking. It made me aware of how many religious believers and followers go to extremes without real cause other than a tradition handed down for many generations that not only harms young woman but actually leaves them traumatized.
I believe this is a type of “Religious Bullying” towards woman. Its either suffer through the pain for a little while or be out casted or even murdered for not following a certain religious believe. Do you guys agree? I mean we allow circumcisions for young males in our country also for religious believers and health reasons, but to an extent. Are we just more rational in our religious believes than certain cultures?
I think Koplans views towards FGM, was very just as far as it being wrong morally and culturally. Even though certain religious still believe that it can be justified as an important passage for woman growing into adult hood, medically there are no signs that this practice is beneficial. However the real moral threat here is the ethical relativism and its apparent tolerance of cruel and unjust practices.
I think this has to be addressed on a higher scale than just a religious believe; this is child abuse and child endangerment. What do you guys think? Would this be permissible if anesthesia was used? Should we question someone else’s religious believes without actually following their religion or practicing it?


2 thoughts on “Why the Cutting Needs to Stop!

  1. I think the way the procedure is done is so terrible. I do find it to be child abuse but just because it is “part of a culture” it isn’t? I know I don’t live in their world with their rules but how does that even feel morally right. As our professor says, I could not live with this decision to “circumcise” my little girl. Just like Jose said there is no evidence that this is helpful to the girls but rather that is painful and a mutilation to their body. Even if anesthesia was used I still don’t think I would be okay with something like this.

  2. I think a large part of the issue is in the fact that the majority of these procedures are done on the girls at a significantly older age than most males of circumcised. When males are circumcised, at least more developed nations, it is often at a young age, at a time when the baby is unlikely to remember the incident at all. This is hardly the case for the girls, and the lack of proper medical equipment to do the procedure only makes the situation worse for these young women. I don’t think the female genital cutting is on the same level as male circumcision because of the vast differences in what exactly is being snipped away, but I do believe that as these countries develop more, these back alley procedures will lessen, and the female population will see a dramatic rise in sexual freedom and expression

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