Is a life without quality worth living?

Death is the unavoidable conclusion to our time on this earth and there is much debate on what is ethical when it comes to how it can take place when it doesn’t occur from natural causes. In this essay I will be examining the topic of death as it relates to abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty. I believe that people have a right to make choices about their body and health and that death is a natural part of society and too many obstacles are being set up in an attempt to avoid it. Quality of life is more important than just being alive and a person living with a low quality of life as far as their health is concerned should have the option to die. Life without quality is worse than dying. While some people may take the stance that all life is sacred and should protected even if it is only for the sake of being alive and not for its enjoyment, I believe my stance is important to a societal morality because the world’s population is increasing and the prolonging of all life actually lowers the quality of life for many people. Trying to get rid of things such as abortion, euthanasia, and death penalty allow the world’s population to rise above what can be sustained by its resources and so death shouldn’t be avoided. In situations where the quality of life of a person or of those in a society is threatened, death is the best option for all involved.

In building on my views on death being a better alternative to have a lower quality of life, I believe that abortion is a situation in which the quality of life of both the mother and child should be considered. I believe that if a mother does not have the means to support a child it is an acceptable option to abort the child in order to save it from the low quality of life it would have to bear if it were to be born. Although some people might oppose my view by saying that abortion is murder and is wrong because murder is a cruel act. I disagree because I believe that the fate that some children endure because their families are not capable of providing even the most basic needs of the child is sometimes worse than if they were never born. The mother and family should be able to make the decision that is most beneficial for the child’s potential life.

Euthanasia is another situation in which the quality of a person’s life must be considered before making a decision on whether they should have the option to end their life however more consideration should be given to the physical health of the person looking into euthanasia than the mental or emotional health. I believe a person should have the right to choose when they want to end their life if they are in a position where they feel that life is not worth it. Patients with terminal illnesses or that are in physical agony should be able to go out on their own terms if they feel that is their best option.


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7 thoughts on “Is a life without quality worth living?

  1. I feel that the quality of life mentioned in your post is referring to a skewed quality of life quantifiable by a dollar amount. If this is the case and quality of life for any individual is summed up by monetary value how do we give value to the poor vagabonds? The concept isn’t foreign I think many people share the sentiment of human worth as quantifiable by dollar figures, I suppose the real debate lies in assigning a value judgments on the concept of valuing life based on dollar amounts. The only reason I called the quality of life described in your post as skewed is because I feel that people have an intrinsic value independent of material worth and ineffable.

  2. I can see your points in abortion. In abortion, you have mentioned that it can be the best choice in cases where the mother is unable to take care of the child financially. However, another reason why abortion may be the best choice if the mother is unable to take care of the child emotionally. There are women who have all the money in the world, but still choose abortion because they do not have the support of their family or even the father the baby. I can only imagine how difficult it can be if you’re not ready financially AND emotionally.

  3. I completely agree with ^anayeliplz, not being able to support a child financially is a big reason for abortion, however not being able to support a child emotionally is even a bigger reason to have an abortion. In the development of the child, support both financially and emotionally are required. As a child grows up they grow a strong bond with their mother depending on them for everything, through that bond values and lessons are taught to the child and their personality begins to develop. With an absent mother emotionally, i believe causes more long term damage to the child over the absents of money and financial support.

  4. Would adoption be an option? Or do you believe that is wrong? I have heard before that abortion should be legal and adoption should be illegal. The reason was because there are already many unwanted children in the world and you would just be bringing in another one. If you can’t guarantee a proper life to the baby you should not bring it into the world both financially and mentally. This said even if you believe you are mentally and financially prepared you still can’t guarantee a good life, something can always happen. Also if someone is arguing that adoption should be illegal is it ethical to prevent a family who is biologicly unable to have a child from having one?

  5. I agree that in regards to abortion and euthanasia the decision is ours to make. I’m sure many people believe that they would never have an abortion, but the truth is, when you end up pregnant and you’re not financially or emotionally ready to bring another person into this world, all of your prior thoughts may go out the window. I’m sure the majority of women that have gotten abortions did not previously plan that for themselves. But when you’re at a place in your life and you’re not ready for a child, that is the decision that some women choose to make, and who are we to judge them or tell them what they can and cannot do?

  6. This sentence in your essay stopped me: “Trying to get rid of things such as abortion, euthanasia, and death penalty allow the world’s population to rise above what can be sustained by its resources and so death shouldn’t be avoided.” Putting life and death in the perspective of economic sustainability is something I never really considered. I mean I’ve read of course of countries where the number of children allowed to a family have been limited due to over population but I’ve never actually thought of it as an determining factor in my life. I can’t help picturing a life as a futuristic sci-fi drama where some big voice booms out of a sound system declaring: this one lives, that one dies.

  7. let me get this straight, we need regulations that allow for death but we need to keep our people alive for as long as possible to grow our population. It may sound twisted but I actually feel the same for you and agree with a lot that you write. Especially the life without quality is worse than dying. I’ve known family member who chased a lifestyle all their life with words and lies but couldn’t get it together to actually put these dreams in play. The sad part is they are content with their non-material, under financed lifestyle. They had abortions, they had kids, but since they were chasing a pipe dream, their kids quality of life and opportunity has been hindered. They are only several years from their death bed and I am curious to find out if the life they lived is worth keeping the plug in. If there is a heaven and life in heaven represents eternal life and hell represents death, how does God choose if someone is righteous enough to go in either direction. Whose ethical values trump others in this race for life?

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