Our Life, Our Death!


The following is my personal opinion and believe about death. I stand very strong and firm behind the idea that we must acknowledge that death is necessary in several situations, for the greater good of society and even for the world. This is why we must support abortion and the good that will come if it was ever recognized worldwide as an alternative to other extremes that many go through jut to not have kids. I also believe that war even though it is not pretty and many have died it is what made the world what it is today. Lastly supporting Euthanasia is very important by giving the patient or sick individual the right to end his or her suffering. These three statements can change the world if we all look at the possibilities that we can achieve if we all agree or follow these issues and fight for change for the greater good of society. Though these statements might sound harsh and at times cold hearted to some individuals it can be a new way to look at all the possibilities that we can get from recognizing the need of Abortion, Euthanasia, and War. The possibilities would be endless and very life changing in the choices that many would do around the world.

My believe in the greater good for abortion is that it should be available for all women no matter their background or what their story might be if they are in need of an abortion to prevent a child or themselves from suffering it should be available. My perspective is that abortion will help woman and the society as a whole understand the fear of having an abortion and why we need to overcome this medieval stigma of woman being looked down upon for having this procedures done. If we support abortion it will make greater sense for both young and older woman to stop having children without being able to provide for them, but most importantly to prevent their own suffering and the idea of shamefulness and suffering that a young woman would have. But just like author Judith J. Thompson wrote “abortion does not violate the fetus’s right to life but merely deprives the fetus of the use of the pregnant woman’s body”. I believe that this statement explains what abortion is truly about. That the issue of abortion has nothing to do with the taking of the life of a fetus but that abortion is simply the choosing not to subject the body to something that you don’t want wronging inside of you.

Another believe that I very strongly believe in and why death is necessary is the need for war! I believe that war and death go together like peanut butter and jam, that if we support our troops we also need to support the fact that some of them will not be coming back alive. My own personal perspective is that war now a day should be fought smarter with the least amount of fatalities for the good of the war. I also believe that fatalities in war are becoming less and less common than in the early 20th century and even thought our technology and the way we think over the years has made us smarter death is something that we still can’t cheat. In my opinion abortion is the deprivation of a woman’s body to give life to the fetus and the purpose of war is not to kill the enemy, but rather to deprive the enemy of his ability to wage war and to destroy others’ rights. I think this link is very similar and we should be willing accept these facts completely for the greater good of society and for a greater understanding of death.

My last stance is that euthanasia is for the greater good of society if we all had the right to choose euthanasia as a way out of the pain and suffering that some individuals suffer if given a prognosis of a short amount to life that would led them to not be able to care for themselves towards the final days and would make them and their families suffer euthanasia would be the best choice to end the suffering. I believe that this gives a voice the individuals who are suffering who just want the pain and suffering to end and don’t want to hurt any longer. Euthanasia is a part of life even though we fear death so much we still have to strong enough to understand death and know that we all must go one day and if we are ever in the position where we are suffering and our family is seeing us suffer what would we do in that situation if there was no way out?
In my opinion euthanasia is very similar to war it is a battle of emotions and of rights and decisions that we must take and in the end it will result in a death. It is a life changing decision for the greater good. Euthanasia is not pretty and it is not ugly, it is a choice to some this choice means freedom and to others this choice means an end to their story. Even though many will not agree that euthanasia is a part of life and that at times it is the best remedy for some on their death bed suffering they still might view this action as brutal and human, as an assisted suicide even though it ends their pain. That’s why we must agree euthanasia is the best choice for those individuals who are suffering tremendously and want a way to end their suffering.
In conclusion death is a part of many moral obligations that we all must understand, such as the moral obligation towards abortion which stops a fetus from growing for the greater good of the individual carrying it. Another obligation is, War were many have died for the greater good of a believe, or cause and finally euthanasia where individuals choose death for the greater good of others. We must all have a moral obligation towards death and acknowledge that death is necessary in several situations for the greater good.

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5 thoughts on “Our Life, Our Death!

  1. Our claims are very similar! I too believe that death is sometimes necessary for the betterment of society. It’s hard for some people to see that death is sometimes necessary, but when it comes to abortion and euthanasia I completely agree. One ethical issue I haven’t really critically thought too much about is the ethical issue regarding war. It is inevitable to avoid death when you’re dealing with war. By definition it is characterized by extreme violence, and the purpose is to fight for yourself and your country. I remember in class we watched a video of soldiers clearing an area in the middle east, who avoided all costs by clearing the area even if it had innocent civilians. The question that arises then, is how far would you go for war? Before one is quick to judge, I believe when you’re serving your country you have a completely different mindset of keeping yourself safe all for the love of your country.

  2. I believe in what you are saying Jose. Death is something that every human need to face head on. I think issues like war, abortion, and euthanasia get bad press because of fear of society. No one wants to take responsibility that they would allow such acts to be conducted. What needs to happen is that we embrace war to accomplish protecting our daily freedoms we love. Abortion should not be condemned, but it should be understood that it is the woman’s choice to follow through with or not to follow through with. Euthanasia should be allowed because suffering of a love one can become a burden to a less fortune family and can possibly grant peace to both parties.

  3. Jose, you made a valid point about woman having the right to choose. I am against abortion but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be an option. If a female choose abortion because she isn’t ready to raise a child, regardless of the reason, I have no right to criticize her decision. Death is something we all experience and although it can be tough, we must move forward in life. If it were an option, I would rather have the pregnant female approve an adoption before she gives birth. This will ensure a smoother transition for both parties.

  4. As I have read your post I do believe that death is a necessity and something that should happen. Death happens to be a natural part of life. Form the time we open our eyes in the morning to the time we close them at night we are at risk of dying. No day is promised to us and no one can overturn this final judgment call. So why not let it be on your own terms and end things your way? When it comes to war I find myself at a disadvantage because I have never fought in a war nor seen actual battle. The whole mindset for that is completely different and you are just focused on staying alive. Natural human instinct takes over and you sort of loose part of yourself. Killing in the battlefield is a necessity and something that I feel should not be judged too harshly on.

  5. I found your view on war interesting especially with how you tied it into abortion which gave me a view of things differently. But I fully support your reasoning for support your topics. War, abortion and euthanasia are our societies natural selection almost. If we did not have these things we would be over populated with depleting resources. And even today when we do have aboritons legal in some areas we are overpopulated. And our resources are reducing or becoming less in quality from being mass produced to cater to the needs of the overload of people. We need all of these things to contribute to the circle of life at least little the little amount that it contributes.

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