What’s Affirmative, about Affirmative Action?

Affirmative Action

Reading “What is Wrong with Affirmative Action?” opened my eyes to what the author was trying to put across in this reading. Even though it’s mostly one sided they still make great points of how equality and the intentions of affirmative action in our society have loopholes. The author made some great points on how affirmative action is basically a short fix and that African Americans especially shouldn’t settle for less, even though I agree a certain point with the author I felt he should have explained in more detail what settling for less entailed. Do you guys agree with the author? Are todays affirmative action laws just a short fix to what Americans really need in order for everyone to gain equality?
The author also wrote that today’s Affirmative action laws are a direct result of the civil rights confrontations from the 1960’s. He explained that whites accepted the support of Affirmative action mostly in part to stop the violence and hatred against African Americans and whites. I believe this tested both sides and whites had to off seen the need for equality in Affirmative Action. Do you guys accept this believe that Affirmative action was implemented as a way to spot violence and create a short fix for equality?
One line that stood out to me was “Under Affirmative action the quality that earns preferential treatment is an implied inferiority.” Do you guys agree with the author on this? I think that the author should have supported this statement a little better.


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