“Life is like a box of chocolate”

“Life is like a box of chocolate”

The film Forrest Gump, is about a boy who grows up through the film into a man. Facing the challenges of life in the United States from the 1950’s to the 1970’s, in rural Alabama with a low I.Q. level. This film demonstrated how a man with a low I.Q. level was able to accomplish great things throughout his life in the film. Forest Gump, lived and took part in very import events in America, from meeting Elvis, JFK and Richard Nixon, not knowing that he was in the presence of very historical individuals. His actions were very simple without any bias to anyone or anything. He lived by the simple rules that his mother showed him and taught him, to work hard, be a good friend and always be there for those who you love and trust. He goes through the film being very honest and making decisions without any regard for himself, but always for the help and interest of others. He was present during the civil rights movement, during the Watergate scandal and even became a symbol of hope to others by simply running. He was also always there for his first love Jenny and even married and had a child with her. So this man who always had the odds against him an no one ever had faith and hope in him came out to be much greater than the average man without even knowing it.
The first ethical issue that most stood out to me in this film was Forrest Gump’s low I.Q. level. The actions that Forrest took and the accomplishments he was able to achieve showed me that we as individuals are very quick to judge others by their low intelligence or physical disabilities. Without giving them the chance to show their inner greatness or what they are actually capable of doing. This film brought this specific type of disability and showed was capable and what could limit him.
The other ethical issue was Forrest’s love for Jenny and the inability to understand the independence and very different contrast of the love of his life Jenny. Forrest never understood the cultural movements that were going on around him during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Jenny would intentionally place herself in the counterculture of what was right at the time in America. She was portrayed as a hippie, antiwar protestor and even as a drug addict with suicidal tendencies. Forrest never knowing or understanding that her actions might have been a direct result of her environment or from her dysfunctional upbringing.
Forrest Gump’s personal opinions and situations were also played out throughout the film. Forrest new, that he was not a smart man. He even admitted it to the love of his life Jenny, but what did he mean by “I know that I am not a smart man.” At the present time when he said this medicine wasn’t as advanced as it is today and what did he mean by that comment?
Forrest also realized his own social economic situation growing up in rural Alabama to a single parent. He understood that it was tough for his mother and for himself as well. And throughout the film he mentioned “you have to do the best with what God gave you.” He knew that he had to be content with not having much and that living a modest life was ok because that is all God had gave him. Even though Forrest had his disability he was still able to distinguish the needs vs. the wants. Showing that he was more capable of understating than how he was portrayed in some scenes in the film.


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