Sexism: Its What Sales!!

Sexism: Its What Sales!!

After reading the following articles on sexism I totally agree that today’s advertisements are exploiting woman’s sexuality and try to shove a certain type of life style and look down everyone’s throat. I especially was amazed by the automobile commercials that spend half the time showings a woman’s body and less and of the actual automobile that they are trying to sell. Advertisements like these are the ones that exploit woman in my opinion. Where they have nothing to do with the commercial but are thrown half naked just to catch both men’s and women’s attentions. Even though I agree that some of these advertisements are also liberating to woman by allowing them to express their body’s from all the oppression they have gone through they should still set an example for the younger generation that views today’s media as normal and not pushing the limits of advertisements.
Should certain commercials be banned from television during certain times slots? Do you guys agree?
One of the commercials that stood out to me was the Doritos commercial where at first I couldn’t understand if they were advertising sex or the actual Doritos. Even though it does catch ones attention it still has nothing to do with what is being advertised. It seems that we are spending 30 seconds out of our life’s watching a pointless advertisement that only enables us by images of half-naked woman. The question is now, have we let advertisement grow beyond our control? I believe that advertisements now a days has a direct effect of how we look, act, and buy.


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