The Sanctity of Abortion

Please excuse the language on this video!!!!

George Carlin references many separate fallacies in this video, most of it from his point of view or how he sees the rights of woman whether its being pro-choice, or pro-life. To me this video doesn’t really state facts, but what it does show is what many people think of the government and how they feel about woman’s rights. This video is no different than a public official speaking his mind on why woman should have the right to choose or on the other hand why woman shouldn’t get abortions period. I believe this video may sway individuals into a more pro-choice direction simply by the statements being made that might almost all be believable just as if a future presidential candidate would plead his case for pro-choice I believe Carlin is doing it in a comedic and down to earth way as well.
One point that was said on this video was that, most anti-abortion extremist believe that a child is born on conception, and Carlin made a point about how we eat eggs every morning for breakfast so are we eating baby chickens or eggs? I think Carlin could have done a better job of explaining to the viewer were he had actually gather his facts from, but what he did do was plant a seed into the minds of his audience and viewers. Maybe, many in the audience never cared for pro-choice, or pro-life voting, or campaign ads and maybe now they will. I believe this video even though it’s from the point of view of a comic has many feelings and charged words that actually may help individuals analyze which side they most believe in either pro-choice or pro-life.
Even though this video had many fallacies especially one sided fallacies I still believe that it would sway individuals into a specific side of the issue.
Would you guys agree?


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