Bodily Integrality

Bodily Integrality

Bodily Integrality is extremely important because it is an issue that comes up in our everyday lives. The way we put yourself out to society can be both acceptable and comfortable for yourself, but someone else may be offended by it. This happens because there is such a wide range of opinion on bodily integrality. This is why I believe it is important to take a closer look at this topic and analyze it, especially since these there are laws in our country regarding these issues. These laws can have serious aftereffects for example, not allowing abortion can lead to illegal abortions where you have fetes and mothers dying. Considering how diverse Body Integrality is from different occupations to different species it is difficult to blanket the entire topic with one clear solution. The oppositional claims would have a lot of emotional claim that would not have any real substance.Everyone has their own moral standard, and once they get emotional they don’t listen to reasoning and push their own beliefs onto the next person. They also will try to give a different definition to a different situation which will put holes in their reasoning. To have a common ground on this topic I believe if you are in whole body and soul and able to make a conscience decision for yourself you should be able to make a decision for yourself if it affects only youself. Once it affects someone else or something else you should not be able to have so much control that you alter him/her/its life so much that you can not be undone the action. Body Integrity can be an emotional topic that need to be looked at objectively that is why I will assert we need to accept sex work, we must accept the porn industry, not support abortion and support animal rights.
After explaining how important Bodily Integrity is we must accept sex work. Sex work tends to be a taboo topic because many people believe it is morally wrong. I believe it is fine to do sex work if you are safe about it and if you are in whole body and soul able to make a conscience decision to do this line of work. This can be a gray area because the person may feel they are forced given their situation but in reality they do have alternatives. If someone in particular is forcing you to do it by threatening your life it is no longer acceptable. As long as it is two consisting adults sex work should be accepted. Both adults understand the terms beforehand, it can be seen as a legal contract. Usually this sex work is done behind closed doors that most people may not even know the details which is exactly why it should be accepted. They are exchanging goods or a service for something in return. It can be seen in the same manner of paying a mechanic to service your car when the check engine light comes on. You have a problem that you can handle yourself but prefer to have a professional handle. When it comes to this topic Lars O. Erricsson shares my same belief of (Erricsson, Lars O) it becoming an irrational discussion once someone see’s it immoral. This is because sex is an exclusive action many will argue can be shared only with someone they love. Once you want to compare it to any other service people then become offended. Once someone has a certain belief for something like a religious background belief it is impossible to change their mind. It would be like trying to say their religious is wrong or change their religion as a whole. Some may say sex work is immoral because it is putting a price on your body when a body does not have price and should be respected. If someone wants to put a price on their body and someone is willing to pay that price then let then let them. An understandable argument is when someone brings up how dangerous and unsafe sex work can be. If we monitor it and have more regulations these issues can be eliminated. In the documentary Whores’ Glory one of the men in that area was interviewed saying if they did not have the brothel district normal women would not be able to go go outside with ut being molested, and if women did not go outside men would rape cows and goats (Whore’s Glory). Sex work and porn can be put into the same category of bodily integrity because they both involve some type of sex work which they exchange actions for monetary value.
Building on the same principle of sex work we must also support the porn industry. This issues relates to Bodily Integrity because porn workers expose their body on film and photography which is then distributed to others. Porn can be seen to be completely different from sex work because it not only involves the actors in the film or photo but also the viewer. This claim of having a negative impact on the viewer is an argument with no reason behind. I say this because especially in the United States there are many requirements to adult content. From something as simple as sex in a film in the theaters, it is rated by it’s content and then there are requirement to see this content. The same thing can be seen if you try to purchase adult content magazines or film. The cashier by law needs to see your government issued identification card to confirm you are of legal age to view such content. The only gray area is the internet. Before entering an adult content website you must check if you are eighteen years or older. You see the effort but with today’s technology there is no way to confirm the the individual is or is not of legal age. I believe the government in the future will find the technology and implement it as soon as possible. Most of the time when people argue about the porn industry they focus on the women involved. Wendy McElroy wrote a great article in Free Inquiry Magazine regarding all the different positions but focus only on women. We must look into the men involved also because man or women they should be seen at the same level (McElroy, Wendy). What I always found industry is how so many people are against the porn industry while others idolise the actos. They refer to some actors and “porn stars”. From everyday people to celebrities themselves like Tiger Woods have this obsession over “porn stars” (Why Do Guys Chase Porn Stars?). As sex work and porn involved two humans the issues of abortion does also but must be analysed in a different manner.
When it comes to Bodily Integrity we should not support abortion. Abortion has always been a hot topic for everyone. We have been voting on it for years and still are unable to come to a clear conclusion on what we want to be done by it. The reason we should support sex work and porn but not abortion is because the two or more parties involved no longer meet the requirement we presented. Sex work and porn includes two consenting adults while abortion does not. The mother may or may not be of whole soul body and mind because they are faced with a decision on a time sensitive issues. The mother may also may not be of legal age which will bring up the issue of being able to make a decision for herself. This leads to the fetus which has absolutely no input in the manner. If the mother does decide to go through with an abortion the cancels all potential of the fetus and the action has to reversible action. Once it is done it is done. Judith J. Thomas give a good argument of if you wake up hooked up to a violinist because they need your help to live. You then must think if you could save his life by remaining hooked up for 5 minutes he can live would you do it or what if it took 5 years would you still do it? I believe this has some relation to abortion but does not. If you are pregnant that means you did something which lead to that. There is no action that can make you prone to being hooked up to a dying person. Also you must put into consideration you don’t have to remain hooked up to this dying person when you are pregnant although limited you are still able to live your life as regular. Finally when pregnant you know you will be pregnant for about 9 months there is no wondering how long you must sacrifice to help this other person. There are alternatives to abortion. If the mother can not financially support a child or is unprepared they can carry out the pregnancy and put it up for adoption later on (There Are Alternatives to Abortion!). As seen in abortion animal rights involve a consenting adult and a nonconsenting living thing.
Animal rights is a tricky issue because it involves two different species. Although it does not involve two humans we need to still support animal rights. The gray area of animal rights is the fact that most of the population does indeed eat animals. I believe we should not neglect or beat animals or kill for any reason. The exception to this is when we do eat animal for nutrition. We have made a business of killing animals for food. This said we have predetermined animals we accept to eat. For example, we can not go kill an endangered species for food. There are animals that are raised for the sole purpose of killing for food. This is accepted because that is their role. This may sound cruel but we have always have a give take relationship. Especially here in the United States we do things to make our lives easier. We invented things like a remote control so we don’t have to get up and walk to the television screen to change the channel, or a vehicle to get us from point A to point B. It is possible to have a healthy diet without eating meat. Meat is a great meat source which is easier than eating a bunch of plant based or egg foods (Lack of Nutrition From Meat for Vegetarians.). Considering the reason it is acceptable to kill animals for food, Alastair Norcross argument no longer makes sense. The argument is trying to justify someone who really likes the taste of chocolate but are unable to taste it without killing a puppy. Other than the fact that this example is unrealistic he has no real reason to kill the puppy other than selfish reasons. There is no nutrition in chocolate and just something he likes. When eating an animal for nutrition it benefits millions (Norcross, Alastair). This can be better seen in a situation where a family is self sufficient and live off of their land. They raise their own animals and eat them to give them nutrition and energy to go through their day to day life.
Body Integrity is an obligation we all have to each other that is why we MUST accept sex work, we MUST accept the porn industry, NOT SUPPORT abortion and SUPPORT animal rights. Bodily Integrity is an important topic we all must evaluate. A good rule of thumb is to consider it is acceptable if it includes a consenting adult of soul body and mind to make the decision that only involves him or herself. Once that action is imposed on someone or something else and is irreversible it is no longer acceptable. We all have our own opinions and it is important to remember to respect other’s opinions. I believe in the future if we all evaluate this topic it would be easier to regard laws. For example how there are age requirements for adult content. As time goes on we can evaluate how things are being handle and if there is a better way to handle it. This said although we should not support abortion there are certain situations it should be accepted for example without the consent of both parents. For example in the situation of a women being raped. Because these situations are hard to prove given our limited technology I believe abortion should be passed as a law until we can better evaluate it.

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End which life? The fetus or yours?


Many people define abortion as murder. As a society, we’ve agreed that killing/murder is wrong. Therefore, many people jump to the conclusion that abortion is wrong. As describe in one of tonight’s reading, “the view that makes killing is wrong is to the lost of the victim of the value of the victim’s future gains.” This made me think about a particular saying, “If you have a kid, your life is over.” In some sense, it holds some truth. For instance, if you would have a child, especially during your teen’s or even early 20’s, your life as a care free individual ends. The future plans that you have for yourself are no longer important because you now have to worry about someone else’s life: your baby. In this case, someone’s life still ends: yours. You would have to make the decision: end your life or the unborn child? 

In the picture above, it stood out to me. It shows a picture of a mother holding her two children. It displays, “Pro-choice is Pro-life.” This reminded me of a friend who had to make this difficult decision. She had unprotected sex and became pregnant. She came to the conclusion that it would be better to not have the baby. When I asked her why, this is what she told me, “I would like to live my life and have something to pass down to my child. If I decide to have the baby, I will be ending my life and his/hers. Reason being, if I have this baby, I will not have a future and for that reason, he/she will have no future as well. I would rather live my life and be able to provide love and support to my future children. If I have this baby, I would hate myself and hate that I ruin the life of an other individual for not being responsible.” In some cases, one can argue, she saved her own life because she (the victim) prevented the lost of value of “future gains.” What do you think?



Abortion… When does life begin?

The State of Arkansas, today, enacted the nation’s toughest abortion law.  The new bill states life now begins at 12 weeks and a fetus can no longer be aborted after this period.  In other parts of the country, such as California, 13 weeks is maximum length of pregnancy where a mother can still abort her fetus.  This new Arkansas law only allows a mother about 4 to 6 weeks to decided on abortion.  This is a very small window for a life long responsibility.  Others states, such as Ohio who are looking to amend abortion laws have mandated doctors to detect heartbeats using “standard medical practice” which they hope might halt some abortions, even earlier than 12 weeks.

Professionals state a fetus can survive outside the mother’s womb after 24 weeks of development.  At 24 weeks, this fetus now becomes a child as it relates to pro-life and pro-choice.  Again, most states including California will not perform an abortion after the first trimester, which is defined as the 13th week.  This new Arkansas law is one week shorter than California’s yet has caused the ACLU to immediately challenge this new law in the courts.  This amendment hasn’t removed a woman’s right to choose yet this is a big issue and people feel their rights have been restricted.

Disconnecting a healthy person from the violinist who would only need help for a short amount of time, say 9 months, isn’t that long of a period.  This choice can be a difficult for any would-be mommy since she maybe confused, stress, and nervous about what is best for her and her fetus / child.  Regardless if an abortion takes place at 11 weeks, 12 weeks or 23 weeks, she is terminating a life and that is something she must deal with for the rest of hers.  Who are we to judge what a female wants to do with her body.

What do you think?  Do tell….

Pregnancy and Parasites

     In both of the articles we read this week, the authors argued that human beings have a certain “right to life” that should not be taken away.  Don Marquis argues that it is immoral to kill babies by having an abortion because you are taking away that “person’s” potential future; which he says, we can all agree is not right.  On the other hand, Judith Jarvis Thomson argues that although abortion is not a good thing, the mother has the right to life as well.  If there are complications during the pregnancy, whose life is more important:  the mother’s or the baby’s?

     To answer this question she explains that an abortion can be selfish on the part of the mother, but not unjust.  No one can ask you to give up your body for 9 months if you do not give the authority.  The extension I would like to give to this argument is that fetuses are much like parasites.  They feed and take food from the mother for the entire duration of the pregnancy.  The technical definition of a parasite is one organism feeding on another organism from a different species, but for argument’s sake, let’s say this definition still works in our scenario.  The article I read said, “relative to childbirth that ‘every minute one woman dies from the complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.'”  If this were any other “normal” parasite, we would go to our doctor’s office and get the issue resolved by killing off the parasite.  But when it concerns the life of another “human,” many people believe killing it off is wrong.  If there is an unwelcome foreign being inside of a woman, why is it wrong to get rid of it?  Framing abortion in this way, provides different perspective to our personal views.

     The abortion debate does not come down to just or unjust; the debate comes down to moral and immoral.  If you define the debate in this manner, no one can argue what the laws of abortion should be.  Every person’s moral standards are different; therefore, we cannot be dictated to, the “rules” of abortion.

***Please do not hold me to the arguments I posted above.  These are not necessarily my personal beliefs.  The purpose of my arguments were to provide a different point of view.***

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