Death Should Cause Less Trauma

There are some important issues that this class has brought to my attention.  Abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty are very controversial topics and people don’t like to discuss them.  Each person has his or her own opinions about these topics based on their own morals and beliefs.  My claim about death is that it is very circumstantial.  This can be due to a girl being raped and becoming pregnant because of it, the quality of life someone is living when they are in a coma or terminally ill, and if someone kills someone then they deserve to die as well, therefore death is a reasonable way to escape trauma.  Because death is a natural part of life, why can’t these people be allowed to experience fewer traumas, or more in a murders case, by having the option to an abortion or euthanasia?  Others might not agree because unnatural death can cause more traumas to someone, therefore killing in these situations will never be right.  Abortion is the woman’s right to choice whether or not she wants to keep the baby, euthanasia is the right to decide whether or not the person is living a high quality of life, and the death penalty relieves the trauma of the families who are affected.

Having demonstrated the importance of death, in order for abortion to be successful, we need to let it be the woman’s right to decide if she wants to have an abortion.  Sometimes pregnant women are in an unstable relationship due to abuse, drinking or drugs, and sometimes it is just because they are too young.  These women should have the right to decide if they want to have that child or not.  These different kinds of relationships can be traumatic to a woman and if the baby is not aborted then the child can live a traumatic life.  When thinking of abortion we need to think of women who are raped and become pregnant because of it.  When a woman is raped she is going to be traumatized for the rest of her life already and she should not have to carry around the child of the man who raped her.  A girl who is raped deserves to avoid this kind of trauma because she has already gone through enough.  In the course reading “A Defense of Abortion” Thomson talks about abortion is like waking up, being kidnapped and attached to violinist that will die of you unplug yourself.  She argues that you might allow the violinist to use your kidneys, but you are not obligated to do so and have the right to unplug him.  She also argues that during pregnancy you are inviting the fetus to use your body and if this happens to become an intruder rather than wanted then you still have the right to cast out the intruder (Thomson).  Because women are ashamed of becoming pregnant when they aren’t ready for it, many of them decide to take the abortion into their own hands or in the hands of an underground abortion clinic that are unsanitary.  There are 47,000 deaths of women each year because of unsafe abortions (Guttmacher).  Abortion relates to death because a woman can decide whether or not she wants to keep her baby and it can also lead to the death of the mother when done in an unsafe environment.  Someone who might argue against me is someone who is pro life.  These people believe that the fetus is innocent; therefore they should not be aborted because it could not consent.  People need to think about the traumatic part of becoming pregnant when it is not wanted and let the woman decide.

Building on the same principle of abortion, we must also agree that it should be a person who is dying or on life support has the right to euthanasia.  If someone is terminally ill and/or on life support and are in constant pain every single day, then they should be able to make the decision to die or not.  The person is being traumatized by having to stay alive and deal with the pain every single day.  These people deserve to avoid trauma because they have already been given a pre determined time to die.  In the reading, “From is there a Duty to Die”, Hardwig claims that there can be a duty to die before one’s illness would cause death (Hardwig).  If a person is in pain everyday, then their quality of life is not very high.  If someone is not allowed to choose to die, then they might take it into their own hands and hurt themselves.  If someone kills him or herself it can cause trauma to the person who finds them dead, as well as more harm to the actual person because they did it by over dosing on drugs.  Euthanasia relates to death because the person is making the decision to die or continue with their life.  Abortion and euthanasia relate because both of these are choices.  The woman has the choice to keep the baby or not and a person has the choice of euthanasia.  People who are against euthanasia may believe ending your life is unnatural.  They might also think that death is just a way out instead of facing adversity.  Another reason a person would be against euthanasia is because they don’t feel like the life is being preserved.  The people who would be candidates for euthanasia would be people who are terminally ill or on life support, therefore they don’t deserve to go through the trauma of living life that way. 

In order to enact death, abortion, and euthanasia, we must also support the death penalty because people who murders someone causes trauma to the family who family member was killed.  I believe that the death penalty can lead to fewer traumas for society.  If a person murders someone then they deserve to die because they broke the law and did the crime knowing the consequences.  A person who breaks the law and murders someone deserves to experience additional trauma in the hands of the state.  These people must be killed in order to prevent trauma for other members of society, such as the victim’s family.  In the course reading “From Justice, Civilization, and the Death Penalty: Answering van den Hagg”, Reiman argues that the death penalty is a just punishment for murder because of an eye for an eye (Reiman).  It is more expensive to have the death penalty than to keep a person on life without parole because of all of the capital trials and other things the state has to pay for.  The death penalty relates to my topic of death because a criminal has killed someone and then they might have to face the death penalty.  Yes, I am saying that a criminal must die to avoid causing further trauma to the victim’s family.  Someone might say that I would then be saying that abortion is essentially the death penalty because the fetus could cause further trauma to the mother, but I don’t agree because the woman could have been raped.  Therefore the woman has already been traumatized and keeping the baby would cause even more trauma.  A person who is against the death penalty might argue that the criminal should sit in jail for the rest of his or her life to think about what they did.  Even if someone is on death row, they still have the opportunity to think about what they have done because they aren’t executed right away.  They can sit there and think about the trauma the victim’s family has gone through because that person took their life away.  By executing the criminal it can bring the victim’s family peace.  The trauma may never go away but it will help with the coping. 

Abortion needs to be the woman’s choice so she can avoid the trauma of keeping the child when she isn’t ready or has been raped, euthanasia should be the persons choice because he or she might be in pain everyday, causing them trauma, and a criminal who murders someone deserves to die to stop the trauma to the victim’s family and future trauma to other members of society.  If a woman becomes pregnant because she was raped, not having the choice to get rid of the baby will cause more trauma to her than if she could abort the baby.  Abortion needs to be legalized everywhere so women aren’t harming themselves trying to do it themselves.  Euthanasia needs to be legalized so the people who are suffering everyday from their terminal illness or if they are on life support, can be put out of their misery and avoid trauma.  Death penalty is expensive but should be legal because the criminal has broken the law knowing the consequences.  By executing a criminal it can alleviate trauma from the victim’s family as well as possible other members of society.  Society needs to understand that things happen.  A woman who is raped goes through enough traumas and doesn’t need to have to keep the baby as a reminder.  A person who is dying and given a pre-determined time to die is suffering, they should have the option to die if they are in enough pain.  Society needs to think about how the family feels when one of their members is murdered.  That person or criminal needs to experience more traumas by being in prison and on death row.  Overall death is not a happy experience but in these circumstances it might be right to help these people avoid traumas. 


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3 thoughts on “Death Should Cause Less Trauma

  1. I agree with all of your points. I did my blog post on the same topic and the same issues as well. I took the same stance as you on each of the issues. I believe that death is a very controversial topic. The biggest argument is whether or not we should be able to choose death or if death should only take place naturally. I do believe that we should be able to choose death. I believe I should have complete control of what happens to my body and as a woman, I should legally be able to have an abortion if it is what I choose. I also believe that people who are terminally ill have the right to end their lives peacefully. And lastly, I also agree that those who have committed capital crimes should face death themselves. They are a threat to society and could potentially hurt others even while they are behind bars, and to prevent that from happening they need to be put to death.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post! It was easily relatable because I shared the same perspective regarding all three issues. I thought it was funny how similar our titles were. I believe that death is necessary in these cases but in a peaceful manner. I believe for the betterment and safety of society abortions should be peaceful, legal and accessible to women worldwide in order to avoid the illegal, unsafe and dangerous self induced abortions. Regarding euthanasia, I believe that a society shouldn’t have to suffer and for the betterment of society peaceful deaths should be supported by medical professionals worldwide. I too am for capital punishment and believe that society has the moral obligation to provide safety to our citizens. I don’t think that there is room for rehabilitation, nor do I think murderers deserve a second chance, but as an outcome of critically thinking about this issue I have come to a realization that I believe the death penalty should result in a peaceful way as well. The reason I came to these terms is because there is a possibility of human error and innocent souls who do not deserve to suffer. I completely agree with Sydney that even behind bars murderers can be a threat to society and I am all for capital punishment, but the possibility of human error will always be in the back of my mind and all I know is that innocent souls don’t deserve to suffer, so in this case I believe a peaceful death is necessary. I know it is hard to draw a line between innocent souls who are wrongly convicted when compared to cold blooded murderers, but this assures my claim that sometimes death is necessary especially regarding abortion, euthanasia and the death penalty, but in a way that is peaceful.

  3. I feel death does cure the trauma in ones life. The death penalty is a way of cleansing the streets of criminal that do not abide by our laws that are establish. The act of euthanasia cures the trauma that the person and the family is experiencing and allows them an option to ease the pain. These acts involving death is frown upon because people fear the unknown of it. They feel it breaks their moral code and marks us for life for the decision made. Death is all around everyday and we must accept. I believe the choices we make involving death should be understood and respected because it’s not an easy choice to make.

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