Its not really your decision, but its our duty

I really found the points in — writing about our human connection and how this is what is restricting the decisions of individuals. Despite thinking we are individuals and as much as we would like to have our personal decisions not affect others, that is simply not the case. Because through our lives we form relationships friends, families and so many people that when we come to such a hard decision of keeping ones self alive or not it really does not come down to just ourselves. And I believe thats why we have such laws that restrict us or deem as bad to commit suicide and to want to die at when old age has limited our quality of life. Because now our decisions affect others. Society has put the burden of our obligations to others in front of our choices and decisions.

As much as I believe you should be able to make your own decisions about your body and well being, it does seem selfish sometimes to make decisions that we are well aware will affect the ones we love and car about.

For example Abortion which is another bodily choice that should be the woman’s choice no matter what. Nothing should stop her from making the right choice for her. I also believe this is true for Euthanasia. I don’t think the government has a right to restrict when you would like to die. It is not there body and not their choice. What gives them the right to make the choice for you. Yes, the decisions would affect people but that would just be something that people would have to live with seeing as it wasn’t their choice to make.

Though the death of a relative would affect us and as much as we want them to live, it is not up to us. And maybe if we were more open to accepting that fact then it wouldn’t be so hard and horrible when the situation arrises.

This video is very interesting, it talks about how your thoughts about the situation your in can change the karma you will deserve  after. Or at least I think thats what he means. Thoughts are very powerful and I definitely think that if you have good intentions behind something truly then thats what counts. Just like the reasons behind women’s aborting, I think there is also positive intentions behind peoples decision of when to die. And we have a duty to ourself to die when we know and feel its right that is more important then our duty to our loved ones. We should just hope that they will be there supporting us in the end.



2 thoughts on “Its not really your decision, but its our duty

  1. Wow this video is very compelling! And I do agree that life is short and we need to have a duty for our loved ones and we shouldn’t take life for granted in anyway. Even though the euthanasia topic is very sensitive I do agree that some issues like death should be very sensitive for the simple fact that a life is not something that we are used to seeing expire. Before this reading I didn’t agree much with the whole sensitive side of having to pull the plug on a family member or asking to have the plug pulled on me if something was to ever happen but now I think that this should be a decision that is brought to the table and discussed among family.

  2. I find it interesting how he says doing one of these things is wrong and that contributes to our karma. He also states that simply not knowing and going along with the decision anyways, does not necessarily get you off the hook.
    Aside from my opinion on abortion and whether it’s right or wrong, I have always and still am conflicted on determining if the fetus is really a living entity or not. I believe it is, however so much extensive research has been done on this topic to support that it isn’t. I can honestly say I still do not know the answer and therefore do not know my clear stance on the issue.

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