Would you be able to sleep at night?

Euthanasia is the termination of ones life to end suffering.  This suffering can be because of an incurable disease, a person in a permanent coma or many other things.  A lot of the time the person with the incurable disease is the one who makes the decision but sometimes if a person is not going to wake up from a coma then the decision falls into the families hands.  The term euthanasia derives from the latin word euthanatos meaning easy death.  In the UK assisted suicide is illegal and you can serve up to fourteen years in prison.  

Euthanasia raises a lot of ethical questions.  One of these questions might be if it is ever right to end the life of a terminally ill person who is in severe pain and is suffering? I believe that if the person is in so much pain and they are suffering and they can make the decision for themselves then I would want to put that person out of their misery.  Another ethical issue it raises is under what circumstances would euthanasia be justifiable.  I believe that it is justifiable if the person is able to make the decision for themselves. Why would you want your family member to be suffering and be in pain.  When someone dies we usually say we are happy they are not in pain in more.  If we could help them not be in pain anymore it would make them happier, as long as they consent.  

We might say it is not okay to part take in euthanasia when it is someone else but maybe when you have a family member begging you to just help them your views might change.  I don’t think it is okay to kill someone but when there is no way they are going to come out of the coma and are laying their like a vegetable or if they are suffering from an incurable disease then we need to rethink how the person is feeling.





6 thoughts on “Would you be able to sleep at night?

  1. Although I completely understand your point of view, I think it is our responsibility to me more aware and skeptical. In many cases, those who are suffering don’t even have a say due to the situation of being in a coma or unconscious. I do agree that nobody should suffer as they fight for their lives, especially if it means the chance of life is slim. Of course there can always be that miraculous recovery, however. Besides even deciding all this, it is important to know if their condition is truthfully what you believe. Consider what the doctor says, yet get a second and third opinion. Do research on your own. Anything outside of what one person says can make all the difference.

  2. Great blog I agree that it would be very difficult to have to live with the choice of euthanasia as an option for a loved one or even ourselves if ever placed into that situation! I do however believe that we must have the right to choose if that was to ever happen. Euthanasia I believe does end suffering and pain for certain individual with a terminal fate and I would agree that euthanasia should be done if they are in excruciating pain and suffering. Even though it sounds cold and disheartening it is the best choice at times for certain individuals.

  3. Devon I couldn’t agree with you more on your view of euthanasia. I think the concept is blown out of context. Society tries to take something as simple as euthanasia and turn it in to something horrible. If someone chooses to release a love one from pain and suffering it something they feel they can live with. Every personal decision should not be regulated in our national. That is why people foreign countries come here because of the freedom of choice. This is what needs to happen on the subject of euthanasia, let’s respect peoples’ decision to even consider going through with euthanasia on a love. It’s hard enough that they’re in a coma or have a terminal illness because everyone have free right to their decision.

  4. Tim, I 100% agree. I think if they want to put their loved one out of misery then they are going to do it. I totally agree that it shouldnt have to be regulated by the nation but rather just a personal choice. I thought that we were supposed to have freedom in America. If this is something that person wants then let them have it. Maybe since the person is dying and in pain or a vegetable and not going to get better this would be a better choice then have to watch them lie there and die. I personally think that would be even worse. I would want my loved one to live a happy painful life and if they couldn’t make the choice to die or not then that is a cruel punishment and they might choose other alternatives.

  5. I believe that terminally ill patients should have the right to decide when and how they go. As long as a patient has ultimately made up their mind and has decided to end their pain and suffering, then I think they should receive the support and assistance of a medical professional. Even though I believe that the interests of a patient is what ultimately matters, a question still arises for me. What if my loved one was in this position? As much as I would want it to be their choice, selfishness would set in and I would want them to continue to fight. I would do whatever I could in my power to convince them otherwise, but at the end of the day you need to put yourself in their shoes. I would want my family and friends to support my decision no matter how hard it was. Realizing that this would be the best thing for the loved one might also be the hardest, but as long as you support their decision, fulfilling their happiness will get you through it.

  6. I totally agree with everyone else , euthanasia is a taboo that needs to be broken for the sake of all those who are tired of suffering and are ready to say their peace and go silently into the night. If doctors are right it is painless, although I suppose no one would ever know. But what could be more humane than escaping the terrors of death by choosing it on our own terms and possibly turning out the lights in the arms of a loved one . Nothing I say death is as natural as birth and since we didn’t choose birth we should be able to choose death.

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