No Pain No Gain


The hot topic of euthanasia has swept the ethics world time and time again. There have been many changes by its viewers and lawmakers are finding ways to ease the weight that this decision has carried for so many years.

In Vermont,  the death by dignity law gives patients “… several safeguards (which) are built into the law, including a requirement for two medical opinions, the option of a psychiatric examination and a 17-day waiting period before a life-ending prescription can be filled” ( is the 17th state to approve euthanasia methods by law. 17 out of 50 states are now on board with what I believe is the right thing to do. Again the concept of right and truth takes form of a 1-ton weight on my chest but my upbringing and talks with family in the medical field make this an easy weight to bring above my head.

During a deep yet short conversation with my parents (one being a nurse and the other a pharmaceutical sales person), they gave me the ok and set the expectation to pull the plug on them in the case of vegetable state. I pried deeper than this and asked them if the technology to give them life was weeks away would they want me to wait for it and let them test it on them. They told me that even for them to suffer a week is long enough for them to want the plugged pulled. But since then laws like the one in Vermont don’t make it an easy action as to just unplugging a machine. There are lethal dosages and brand name killing prescription. As the law rears it’s ugly head in ethics, the life issues we face become even more convoluted.

In my eyes it takes away the fight for life. That struggle we face as humans makes our lives different. To die or not die is as much a decision and a murky topic as a career in prostitution or getting an abortion. But fortunately God works in mysterious ways and through other people. My ethical holes are filled in by my religion and my trust in my family so my blind judgment to be pro euthanasia was never a hard choice. This does conflict with my views on abortion and as I delve deeper into other family/religious based characteristics hold there are plenty of contradictions. This particular topic is an easy answer for me, I’ll ask my loved ones a few thorough questions and at the end of the day if I have custody I will do what they ask. Because it’s their choice.

The real issue that’s starting to build for me now is if I’m ok with euthanasia, then how am I not ok with abortion? It’s really caused some personal debates on my line of thinking in regards to others lives. I’ve come to the conclusion (still pending for 80 more years) that I am not yet educated enough to share my beliefs in persuasive and hole proof manner. These blog topics, especially this one, has brought great frustration but even more curiosity to how I should really be thinking. A question for the viewers, does euthanasia as a law enforced practice make it anymore ok in your book of judgment and if so,  how does this compare to your beliefs in other ethical issues?


2 thoughts on “No Pain No Gain

  1. It’s interesting to note that you’re able to see the clear contradiction according to your beliefs on euthanasia and abortion. Although they can possibly be seen within the same context, maybe we should start looking at them individually.
    Although I do agree on euthanasia in many cases—it should be the last resort after all other possibilities have been considered, as well as attaining a second and third opinion from doctors. When it is without a doubt, and we are 100 percent aware the person is suffering, then euthanasia can be a clear option.
    However, can we do the same for abortion? Is there any other way to justify believing in two contradictory ideas. What do you think?

  2. Like any situation I feel that you don’t really know your position on something until your actually in the position to make a decision. Through some personal experiences with decision making in my life, that is defiantly one thing I have learned. Its very easy to give advice to someone from being on the outside but how do we really know what its like to make a choice sitting on the outside and not being on the inside. And I have defiantly caught myself sometimes doing the opposite of what I believed in when it came time to make a decision or hold a certain position on something. And I think thats were a lot of us fall. We are young and we have our beliefs now but we have so much to learn and gain that these beliefs will probably not be final. Just like you say you are not yet educated enough. This is 100% true. We have much to experience and gain and even then we still can make an assumption of how we “would” act in the situation of euthanasia and it could be completely different until we are actually in it. Thats why I like to think about something and have my views but still be open to the possibility that they could change when the time comes to make a decision.

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