Moral Vs. Culpability

Moral Vs. Culpability

I too would rather say culpability compared to moral responsibility, this in mind I partially agree with the fundamental principle. I feel as if you are trying to define moral responsibility you must first have a uniform moral definition that is accepted world wide. Today we are nowhere near agreeing on what is moral. Even if you try to have a smaller subject group it would be difficult. Possibly in the 50’s it would be easier to agree on what is moral but even then it would be difficult. Personally I was raised in a VERY small town and was the youngest child so I have always been extremely overprotected. My mother was born in Mexico and had me in her 30’s so there are many things we disagree one. For example, since high school I was unable to be on the phone after ten because “a decent young women doesn’t do that” She believes is is unmoral. Now at 22 when I go home she still tries to give me the same lecture. I feel being on the phone that late is acceptable in today’s age. I have classes that get out at 10:00 p.m. That doesn’t mean after class I need to cut myself off from the world.
When you use culpability and put fault on someone; I feel both people have fault but you are trying to see who has the most fault. Considering this it would be seen as who can justify their action. This can be seen everyday within our lives. You may even say our government supports this idea. For example, if someone attacks you and you fight back this can be seen as a self defense defence which makes it acceptable. A more extreme case can be seen if a man beats his wife nearly to death constantly and she is in danger she may snap. In doing so she can assault him or even murder him. In the United States both assault and murder are against the law but with the battered woman defense in court of law she will not be penalized. This is accepted in court because she felt it necessary to act, she really believed she had to get him before he got her.
I chose this picture because everyone has their own interpretation of morals along with interpretation of what is right and wrong, in some cases your own views of morals and good and bad could not be the same thing. This can almost be comical to see how within your own mind you don’t agree with yourself.


3 thoughts on “Moral Vs. Culpability

  1. In reference to what you stated in the beginning, it’s interesting to hear from that point of view. I believe it is true and not everyone has the same morals and code of ethics. While some believe it is okay for children to listen to everyday music, others are more conservative and believe it isn’t. This can be an ethical or moral situation because some would argue it is okay that children listen– there would be no harm. On the other hand, others would say it could affect how they think and fall into society.
    More so, not every individual will have the same morals. Therefore, it seems plausible to consider a broader perspective that reflects a generalized majority of morals.

    • Because of the diversity of people that actually defines our country a limited form of moral relativism seems to be the most rational position for our society. We cant control everything everyone does and we shouldn’t if we could that would suck the fun out of life. What interest would their be in a world made of people who all behave in the same way? This being said some cultural traditions may not be able to be completely understood by us so we should withhold passing judgment until we do understand said cultures. Maybe through a true understanding of the concept that there is no transcendent morality and that morality really is relative we would become a more peaceful people.

  2. I think as time passes we as a society come up with new morals. We determine what is right and wrong as we grow. Which totally makes sense about your mother getting mad at you for being on the phone for example. People who have kids today raise their children completely different from how kids were raised 10 years ago. Now i feel like its rare to see a 10 year old without an iPhone or iPad in there hand. And depending on the parenting styles they can either think this is okay or not okay but whether or not, society has had a huge influence on these parents views on how their children should be raised. When society brainwashes us to think some way then its most likely we are going to accept it because hey if their doing it then we can do it right? I do agree that morals are different from person to person. Its such a personal thing that no two persons can be the same. And now that i think about it i can’t imagine how hard it must be to make laws and determine whether someone is guilty or not guilty. There will never be laws that EVERYONE agrees on. So there will always be a debate for and against the governments reasoning . But i think the government just tries to find a common ground that might not be okay to everyone but to the majority.

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