The Right to One’s Life/Death

The Right to One's Life/Death

Euthanasia is a sensitive topic to talk about because many people are not open to the idea of a person wanting to die. How can they “want” to die? Right? When I was first informed about euthanasia, I didn’t agree with its purpose: ending the life of a human being. However, as I matured, I keep an open mind to a person’s right to his or her own body. This can be either having plastic surgery, tattoos, piercings, or even having the right to have an abortion or ends one’s life. People would argue that these examples don’t relate to one another because getting a tattoo is way different than ending’s one life. Right? Well, lets think this through.

In one of this week’s reading, “The Wrongfulness of Euthanasia” by J. Gay William, he explains how euthanasia is wrong because it violates nature and dignity of human beings. First, I would like to say that I don’t agree with his argument. He states that euthanasia goes against nature. William believes that assisting a patient in ending his or her life is going against nature, but helping the patient cheat life is not? He encourages treatment and argues how dying from treatment is completely different than euthanasia because its intension was not to end the patient’s life. However, in both situations, one is going against nature. So, why is one permissible but not the other? If one is allowable, than the other one should be as well. Moreover, euthanasia violates dignity of human beings. This is subjective. One may believe that watching a human being die and knowing that nothing else can be done violates dignity of human beings. This can go either way. However, I do not agree that one side of the argument is greater than the other which is what William is doing. One should have the right to one’s body, and if euthanasia is the solution to one’s needs than we should be given that right.


2 thoughts on “The Right to One’s Life/Death

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  2. Your blog has some very great topics. I myself was the same way at first I didn’t agree with the topic of euthanasia maybe it was due to the fact that I didn’t agree on it due to the fear of not understanding it. As I matured and read more on this topic and gathered more understanding I would have to agree that id I was ever in a situation like this I would have to be more understanding of euthanasia. Great blog it gave me a little more understanding on the topic.

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