Die For Me…Or…Live For You

Jack Kervorkian a.k.a. THE DEATH DOCTOR

There have been many views on the process and thought of “euthanasia“; from people feeling that they are providing a civil justice and benevolent right, to thinking that its viewed as sympathetic murder. Though, one thing is certain about this process , people die, either by their own hands or by the hands of another. To me I feel people have a right to choose when they wish to end their lives, as long as hey do not intend to take others with them or force some type of burden upon others as a result. Since we are masters of our own bodies why are we allowing others to dictate what I may or may not do to it? The answer is simple society hates to have a lack of control, and euthanasia is one way that people take their own freedom into their own hands.

One man felt like he was compeled to help others. He talked with them and discussed their views on life and how his clients believed they fit in it. He even gave them a solution that would ease their worries and provide lasting peace. How did he do such things? He gave them DEATH. His name was Jack Kevorkian and he was later named “The Death Doctor“. The reason he became so famous was because he was a firm believer in euthanasia  and the fact that he gave his clients the means to take their own life into their own hands by killing themselves. Although, his intentions where derived from a moralistically humble, caring, understanding place the manner in which he did his job raised eyebrows and shocked people from all around. No one had ever heard or seen someone give people a means to kill themselves all while fully aware of their own actions and who were “considered” mentally stable. I feel that what Dr. Kevorkian was right in the mind set that people should take more control of their lives and should be in control of their own bodies, he should have taken steps towards getting other to understand as well. Everyone has a right to choose how they live their life regardless of what others think or say, so why can’t death be the same way?


3 thoughts on “Die For Me…Or…Live For You

  1. I remember watching the movie based on the life of Doctor Kevorkian. As soon as this ethical issue came up in our critical thinking class, I knew I wanted to write about doctor-assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian. The cover of the movie, You Don’t Know Jack, kind of scared me because it says, “Is that a face of a killer?”. Right away I believe people just come up with the misconception that Dr. Kevorkian is “Dr. Death.” I have always had the same view on euthanasia, but after watching this movie I felt a little more strongly about this issue. Trying to have a nonjudgemental view on Kevorkian’s practices was kind of difficult after watching this movie, but my view on euthanasia still stayed the same. I believe a terminally ill patient should have the right to decide when and how they should end their lives. If a patient has absolute certainty that they want their suffering to end, the question still remains if euthanasia is wrong? No I do not believe so, because if I was in any terminally ill patient’s shoes, then I would want to be able to make my own decision, with the help of a Doctor who supported my decision. As for Dr. Kevorkian although a little part of me thinks he handled these assisted suicides in a reckless abandon way, that I believe is unethical because he was defying the law, I also believe that he ultimately had the patient’s wants and needs in mind. If anything Dr Kevorkian should be viewed as a “Dark Knight” and not as “Dr. Death.”

  2. Wow, I totally agree that euthanasia empowers us to make the choices that no one else should be able to make for us. I also agree that we do live in a world where we want to have full control of everything including our own end and that is very freighting and shocking to some individuals. However I wish both authors should have written more about the emotional side of the topic that would have helped swayed more readers. Do you agree?

    • Yes, I found that both authors lacked the emotional aspect of why people want to have such freedoms an why it means so much to some people. Euthanasia is something that many people find to be going against the norm and often confused with suicide. Not many people fight for the right to die, nor do they fight for their loved ones to remember them in a more pleasing light. I truly believe that if we had the right to choose our final days and how we would spend them then they would be more memorable and treasured. So many people suffer and try and hold on as long as they can for the ones they love but is that really a kindness? Aren’t we just being selfish and convincing ourselves that this is what they would have wanted instead of really asking them! Though I feel the arguments regarding euthanasia are somewhat lacking I do feel that they give some perspective into how people are and what they want.

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