Euthanasia: My Life My Choice


In the article ” Wrongfulness of the Euthanasia” by J. Gay-Williams he express how wrong it is to conduct euthanasia on a human life. Gay-Williams goes on to say that if we as a society continue to allow euthanasia that it will just be used as a scapegoat to killing human life at any sign of suffering. Gay-Williams feel we will miss out on “miraculous” recoveries of painful and fatal sick because we are not giving the body time to heal. i feel Gay-Williams is not being realistic about his argument. Euthanasia is used as a last resort for those with painful and fatal illness to die with some dignity. Family members and spouses feel that their love one’s have gone beyond the means of suffering and decides to ease the pain by granting death.

Unless you have witness someone suffering with bone cancer, lung cancer, AIDS, Leukemia you cannot really justify ruling out euthanasia. Family members and spouses do not come to terms easily to make a decision about a matter as serious as death, but the decision must be made. Doctors  are usually always consulted to see if euthanasia is the right direction to go. The reasoning behind this is because doctors never want to give up on a patient and family and spouses know this and respects their suggestion. i feel that Gay-Williams have not looked at hard numbers to make an educated argument to rule how many euthanasia death occur yearly.


1998 16 6/10,000 total deaths
1999 27 9/10,000 total deaths
2000 27 9/10,000 total deaths
2001 21 7/10,000 total deaths
2002 38 13/10,000 total deaths

Let’s take Oregon in the years of 1998-2002 were there physicians assisted suicide death were not that high. Not many family actually go through with the decision to decide death for a loved one. this means the Gay-williams theory was excessive of the slippery slope he was trying to draw from.

I feel when that option to relieve a family member of pain and suffering I would like to have euthanasia available as an option to ease that pain with death.


3 thoughts on “Euthanasia: My Life My Choice

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  2. I agree Tim that we should have a choice for ourselves and others as far as our parents and choice we should be allowed to make if we are suffering or a family member is suffering. The statistics on your blog are an eye opener as why we should have assisted euthanasia at times. Even though it might not be or everyone I do believe that when that time comes we should have the right to ease the pain and stop their suffering. Your blog had some great points and data.

  3. Your title made me think of the fact that our lives are not just our own. As a social animal our lives are all interwoven we affect each other in way we might not even realize. With this in mind I think it might be worth considering whether at least the immediate family members or friends should be involved in deciding whether euthanasia is the best choice for all involved. I don’t believed they should be the sole or dominating factor in the decision but their word should none the less be considered since they will be the ones left to deal with the absence of a loved one.

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