Euthanasia: Do we have a choice?

The main point J. Gay-Williams states in his writing is that “Every human has a natural inclination to continue living.” To me, this statement in itself, decreases the validity of his argument. Although I do understand what he is trying to say, there are many medications and procedures that assist people in living a longer life. So does this mean that people should avoid taking medications and having procedures done because they are not “natural”? If people refused to take medications and have procedures done if need be, we would not have a very long average life span.

I do believe that the subject of euthanasia is extremely controversial and I can see the stance that both sides take, but I find myself believing that people have the right to end their lives peacefully if they so choose. Attempting to put myself in the position of an old, sick, and tired human being, I don’t believe I would choose to die, but I do believe that I should have the right to end my life if I want to. Some people spend the ends of their lives suffering and hoping that their death comes sooner rather than later. I do not believe that is a healthy way to live.

For J. Gay-Williams’ argument to stand strong, I believe he would also have to disagree with the use of medications to prevent or kill any sort of sickness or disease. Otherwise, medicated human beings are not living “naturally” and are therefore, clashing with his views. Although I do not necessarily believe that offing yourself is the best decision to make whenever you are sick, I do believe that we as humans should have the option to die peacefully rather than suffering. No one should force us to continue suffering if we want to be laid to rest.


2 thoughts on “Euthanasia: Do we have a choice?

  1. The euthanasia is for sure the most controversial topic just above abortion. This is no surprise since they both deal with lives. After reading your blog, I’d like to agree with you in saying that people have an option to end their life but at the same time I pray they don’t commit suicide. Also, I’ve noticed everyone in these videos who offs themselves is Caucasian. Now I’m going to say this must be in their culture because Hispanics (Mexicans) think differently in that the family is a collective unit, while in America it’s all about being independent. I know I’d make every effort to keep my parents alive [within reason] because I feel an obligation to them for all their hard work and dedication during my younger years.

  2. We should have a choice in this regardless of others views on the matter. I know that it may be hard for others but I feel in my heart that letting them decide is the best way. Let them choose their fate and how they want to be remembered and how they are going to go. Let the suffering stop and let their rights be heard. So that the have the responsibility over their own body. Having them ease their own pain and those around them is an act of kindness. Nothing more and nothing less.

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