Die with dignity?

Since I can remember, life is the most precious thing.  I was taught to live each day to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.  Don’t get me wrong, not everyday in my life has been perfect but none have ever been so bad that I wanted to die.  I didn’t think this weeks assignment was going to be difficult but it’s quite to opposite.

The above YouTube video filmed in Oregon shows an old man asking for his lethal dose of Nembutal, which will place his body in a coma, and then he will die.  I’ve never seen anyone want to die without hesitation.  The individual, Roger Sanger, was eager to die to get rid of his problems.  Roger appeared to be cognizant about what was about to occur yet there wasn’t a worry in the world.  Watching this video brought numerous tears to my eyes wondering how in heck could someone wish to die!

Euthanasia offers people an easy way out of their responsibilities.  Don’t get me wrong, if someone were to die due to an allergic reaction from a medication or his or her body didn’t respond to the treatment, I can sleep with that.  But the killing of an innocent person is just flat out wrong!  If we allow people to start offing themselves, where is this going to stop?

Keeping someone is what we’ve taught from birth but to assist someone to die is unethical.  Be it from a physician’s perspective or that of a family member waiting to collect on their behalf.  This service is obviously costly and not covered by the taxpayer so these people pay out of pocket for this once in a lifetime opportunity.  The State of Oregon should be ashamed for supporting this atrocious activity.


3 thoughts on “Die with dignity?

  1. I have very mixed feelings about this topic. On one hand I totally agree with you, if we allow people to start killing themselves then things could potentially get out of hand. Where would the line be drawn? On the other hand, I believe that if a person is old and sick and doesn’t want to live any longer because every day is a constant struggle, then who are we to force them to continue their lives? This topic is obviously very controversial and I can’t quite say if I’m completely for it or against it. It’s difficult to determine which is more important, giving those who are sick and in constant pain the right to end their lives peacefully if they choose to do so? Or preventing people from getting out of hand and thinking that they don’t have to continue their lives if they don’t want to, no matter how small the burdens they’re carrying may be.

  2. Out of all the topics we have discussed this semester, this is the one topic that is hard for me to discuss solely on an intellectual level. Personally, the use of euthanasia hits too close to home. Death is a sensitive topic in all areas. However, this topic begs the question, “What if it was me?” The government has a direct responsibility to limit freedoms when they harm others’ freedoms. It is hard to argue that killing yourself somehow harms other people. Under this, euthanasia should be allowed. Nevertheless, there is a problem with the state endorsing death. In this video, the man lives in Oregon, where the state regulates the use of methods of euthanasia. It is hypocritical for the government to make it illegal for you to kill someone, but allow suicide. People should have a way to take their own life when they see fit, as long as the process does not harm others. The government needs to relinquish all ties to this issue and allow the freedom for people to choose.

  3. Great blog, I totally agree that life is short and we shouldn’t take life for granted in anyway. Even though the euthanasia topic is very sensitive I do agree that some issues like death should be very sensitive for the simple fact that a life is not something that we are used to seeing expire. Before this reading I didn’t agree much with the whole sensitive side of having to pull the plug on a family member or asking to have the plug pulled on me if something was to ever happen but now I think that this should be a decision that is brought to the table and discussed among family.

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