Murder Me?

She was found to be charged with 1st degree murder

When it comes to the death penalty it is a very tough and fine line to touch upon. Most of the time the decision is 50/50. Either you feel that particular person deserves to be punished for the heinous crime or crimes they committed or that they should just get life. Though, as a society who are we to put people to death on regards to either prominent or fictitious evidence? Do we always catch the bad guys in the end and have happily ever afters? Well sorry to say, but nine times out of ten most people that we actually think deserve the death penalty really should be tried better. Our court systems are too flawed to come up with any means of justifying putting someone else to death. To me it is like saying that I am above you and I am a better human being than you are so therefore, I have the right to take your life away.

As a society that is the image that is being portrayed and most of the time, NOW, verdicts of the death penalty are seen as a game rather than an actual ruling that affects someone’s life. It has become some type of reality show for people to watch on new broadcastings and shown almost as inhumanely as possible. No one realizes that once you sentence someone to death and it is carried out, there is no going back. There are no do overs or whoops! All there there is in this world is life and death and I feel neither should be decided or at the hands of other people no more moral or just than me. To use the death penalty is to enforce power over an individual that can not be revoked. No one should fea having to worry about being killed not by murders and not even by out judicial court systems.


3 thoughts on “Murder Me?

  1. In the case of Jodi Arias, she was shown to have driven close to 1,000 miles to Arizona to shoot and stab her ex-boyfriend. She was found guilty of first degree murder and rightfully so if you look at all the evidence. The question now is: Should she receive capital punishment for her crime? She can probably be rehabilitated if given enough time, but what about people who commit these crimes in a sane state of mind? If they are not going to ever contribute anything good to society, should they be removed from society? And if we want our prison systems to focus on rehabilitation, then should we allow these sorts of people the ability to influence those who might have a chance to be a member of society again? If we believe that they are inherent harm, then we need capital punishment.

  2. Shortly following Jodi Arias’ sentence, she exclaimed that she would rather be sentenced to death rather than have to stay in prison. She expressed the death penalty as the ultimate freedom for her.
    It is actually a good idea for rehabilitation, however. If that is not an option, why or how could someone who committed such a horrific crime be let off with the ultimate freedom? In many cases the death penalty is like freedom because criminals are being let off the hook rather than having to suffer the consequences of being place in prison. Of course there is the time between sentencing and actually being put to death that that person would be in prison. But why not summon them to life there? After all, it is not freedom to have to stay locked in a cell for hours on end with limited freedoms.

    • In regards to answering your question about death being another form of freedom I feel that the topic on that is subjective. She may have said that she would want to be free so “please give me the death penalty” but I do not really feel that she wants to die. I felt that she was just trying to spark doubt in the minds of jurors so that they would end up giving her life. I believe that it was all a matter of reverse psychology in the context of, you give me what you think I do not want but in turn give me what I most desire. Death penalty in general may have some flaws to it but the fact of the matter is; people are not going to or should I say, are less likely to convict or sentence a beautiful woman to death. At the time there was only one woman in that state that had been sentence and followed through with the death penalty. Death can be seen as many things but as the ultimate freedom, I do not really believe that others truly believe that since they do not even know what to expect afterwards.

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