Butterflies are Destroying the World!!!!

Butterflies are Destroying the World!!!!

Most people have heard about the butterfly effect mostly through movies and shows that include time travel. I remember watching the Butterfly Effect movie when it first came out once I became a teenager so I don’t really remember it but I do know I really liked it and made me think a lot more about consequences. Although I knew what the butterfly effect meant it wasn’t until working on this post I realized why the phrase “butterfly effect” is actually called butterfly effect. In chaos theory butterfly effect was first coined by Edward Lorenz. He came up with this phrase to explain a theoretical situation where a butterfly could flap its wing and far away several weeks later a hurricane will form. Although proving this theory can never really officially be proven because of many factors in place in the world it does make sense.
Every single action you do will have a consequence either good or bad. I would say in todays society consequences are usually overlooked both bad and unexpected. We do things expecting only the outcomes we think of to happen when in reality there are so many other factors that may cause other consequences you may even imagine which have a greater affect on someone else. Today society is too caught up in their own lives but that can only be taken into consideration to a certain extent because like the butterfly flapping it’s wings it does not intend to have such a great impact and it is not caught up in it’s own life.
The butterfly effect really makes us realize we must analyse a situation and really consider any possible consequence. If a butterfly has such a great impact imagine how bigger decisions we make in our lives will have a greater impact. It can be small things like what you order from a fast food restaurant or deciding where to go to school. The possibilities are endless and is exactly why you should always expect the unexpected.


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