too much cost and not enough gain

Death Penalty: Capital Punishment

I do not believe that the United States should exercise the death penalty because it is costly and doesn’t fix any problems. The death penalty is not immoral it is just not very practical.

In California: For one year an average inmate it costs $47,421 compared to an inmate on death row that costs about $175 thousand. On average it takes 25 years from conviction to execution, and about $307,692,308. (Michael Mechanic)

Capital punishment doesn’t fix any problems, there is no evidence to prove that capital punishment has detoured similar crimes form happening.  I don’t think the death penalty is worth the amount of cost it takes to execute an inmate. The inmates sentenced to the death penalty are the scum of society that are not mentally right, killing them doesn’t reach to root of the issue. The death penalty is an easy out, I rather they inmate suffers for a long time then for them to be humanely put to sleep.

Although very small there is still a chance that the wrong person was convicted of the crime. Because of this issue it takes on average 25 years from conviction for someone to be executed and millions in cost of caring for these inmates.

I believe that the money wasted on inmates in death row would be better used on the youth to prevent future crimes from occurring. People are not born killers; events happen in people’s lives that create a killer. I believe that the money is better spent on preventing future killing then on killing a killer.

There are not that many inmates that get executed for this kind of punishment to even be continued. Since 1978 there has only been 13 people executed in California from the death penalty.


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