The Ultimate Injustice.

The ACLU makes many arguments against capital punishment, among them the claim that minorities are more likely to be sentenced to death than whites. Among the charges the ACLU raises the one I found most concerning was the statistic they threw out claiming that out of every ten people sentenced to death one person is exonerated. We justify taking lives in this country by a imperfect system of judgment. It seems to be the very essence of unjust to sentence someone to death when we have no way to know if we have judged correctly we are willing to execute an ultimate punishment without ultimate or infallible judgment. Statistics like the one aforementioned really drive home that point, if one out of ten figures out how to prove his or her innocence how many innocent people has the government put to death for lacking the ability to prove their innocence? The crimes that people can be sentenced to death for are usually sensationalized crimes that invoke a passionate response from people who are made aware of them, in effect the crime begs for punishment because it is wrong. These passion invoking crimes can taint the image of the most innocent man simply by being accused of committing the crime; what I’m saying is that these are modern day which hunts and trials. They are far from fair and are usually decided by prejudices of a wide variety since we have no way of actually knowing what happened in many cases. So, the only civilized thing to do in my opinion, in order to stop the sacrificing of innocents to our need for closure is to take the death penalty off of the table for any crime. We need to admit to ourselves that we don’t have all the answers, and we need to value human life  more than pride, prejudice or the need for closure.


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