Is the Death Penalty the Answer?


The death penalty the ultimate scare to detour one for committing a crime. There’s been many debates on whether the death penalty is the correct means of punishment.  Some people say yes to killing murderers, molesters, and rapist. Does killing by death bring back those which were lost or allow revenge for those who have suffered the  lost? I feel that the death penalty glorifies retaliation for those who have lost a love one to a violent crime. Everyone who’s served the death penalty is not alway the guilty but  accused and innocent.

There was a news story in Maryland of a man  accused of raping and murdering a nine-year old little girl and  sentenced to the death penalty in Maryland. Kurt Bloodsworth identified by his neighbor and three other little kids that were friend of the nine year old and immediately put in to custody and sentence to the death penalty with not further investigation to prove if he was really the murderer. Kurt never had any prior convictions on his record but police still did consider that he was not the one who committed the crime. It was till five years later a DNA test proved that Kurt could not be the killer of the little girl and the real killer discovered. If Kurt’s date to be executed was moved up a year earlier an innocent man would have been wrongly killed. this case clearly proves tow wrongs don’t make a right. Just because criminal has committed a heinous crime does not give us the right to condemn them to death. I don’t feel that is our right to decide and plus I feel that is an easy out for the criminal. Like Maryland I feel it should be abolished and other means of punishment be created. Is the  Death penalty the answer? I say no because you can never be sure you have the right person for the crime and how can we live knowing we killed someone innocents.


3 thoughts on “Is the Death Penalty the Answer?

  1. This video actually gave me another reason to believe why the death penalty should not be used. Aside from what I feel strongly about regarding the form of punishment is a scapegoat for those who committed murders and other crimes, innocence is also an important aspect to consider. To think that someone can be wrongly convicted means taking away their life or years of their life. In addition, many others have the potential of dying of innocence which should never even be an option.
    Although there may seem like serious risks to taking the death penalty away, ultimately if this can lead to the death or conviction of innocent people, we should not even use it.

  2. I agree that executing someone and later finding out they were innocent is a terrible thing. But, since the evolution of DNA testing and other technological advancements, people are not usually sentenced to death based merely off circumstantial evidence. It has happened in the past, but a lot of those executions took place before we had the advanced technology that was able to prove one’s innocence. With that being said, if someone was found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, or if a criminal admitted to their murders, would that change your opinion at all? Or do you think the death penalty should be avoided at all costs?

  3. I mentioned in an earlier post that is pretty much impossible to know if someone is actually guilty or innocent. I say this because even though DNA testing does help it is not 100% sure. I decided to look into it and as you can read in the link below. I wanted to see the rang in which DNA is correct. The first example is how an attorney will say there is a 4 of 5 possibility his client committed the crime. Which sounds a lot better than 80% chance. In addition to having to worry about evidence support you must consider how it is presented. Attorneys get paid to get their client out of whatever they are being charged for. With enough money and a great attorney anyone can get off of anything

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