Juan Roberto Mendez is a part of a rare group in America. He is one of the 99 people that was wrongfully convicted and escaped the death penalty. His story was inspiring because the amount of time he spent in jail he used to fight for himself and his innocence. Unfortunately not many innocent jail birds get the chance to fly free. But the question is how can we save these innocent lives without punishing the truly guilty ones. How do we define guilt and even more define the degree of punishment associated with a level of guilt?

I believe the system we have in place works. We keep the bad people off the street for the most part but I think it could be refined. It would take technology beyond what we have now and money that we don’t have access to get the truth out of each cell mate and find out if they were true innocent or not. that means we’d have to change the court systems and almost throw democracy out the Window. Because so many things need to change, I think we are good where we are at. Its not perfect but people like Juan can fight for his innocence and the rest die a tragic death.

it’s a big time dilemma to have to choose between who will be alive and who will be out in the streets. Now the topic of even having the death penalty in force has to be brought up. if we got rid of it and jail mates live their life in jail instead of dying to the death penalty, we use up more resources than we want to. would we save more money turning this country into a big brother type of government or do or in paying for food, shelter, and clothing for inmates?



  1. I enjoy hearing about these stories because they caught the mistake before he had to die. Although he did waste many years he did not die for a crime he did not commit. There is not coming back from death that is why the death penalty is such a sensitive topic. The more stories like these I hear about the more it backs up my feelings about the death penalty. This video actually made me start to think that everyone that is against the death penalty who use money on advertisements and whatnot should use that money to double check and triple check the evidence. Who knows how many people are actually innocent on death row. Those stories will then be picked up by the media. On top of freeing innocent people they will give real life examples to the world and that too might change their minds on the death penalty.

  2. I think a time dilemma is better then killing someone that is innocent. Our system does do good considering how many bad people we do keep of the street, i do agree with that. But I can’t imagine all the people that were wrongly convicted and while 100% guilty people get to be alive and sit in jail. This does not seem fair. By killing innocent people we are becoming just as bad as the people that are murders in jail. What justifies what we do? We have come a long way technologically and we have made progress. But we shouldn’t have the right to take away someones life if we aren’t 100% sure. Its to risky. And I think it would be just as much money or less if we keep the convicted in jail there whole life instead of killing them. Then if we do end up being wrong years later, we wouldn’t have took away every chance that they had at fulfilling their life. In trying to be the good guys by putting the bad people away we also become the bad guys too. I agree it will be something hard to perfect but we need to work toward a more proof system.

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