An eye for an eye (o)_(o)

^ this video is not the right one it is in a series and the one I’m referring to is called “Final Meals of Innocent Executed Inmates”

Capital punishment is such a complex issue that is hard to come to a common ground with my self to say if I think it is okay or not. Throughout Haag’s reading I found my self confused many times, but also agreeing in some areas and disagreeing in others.

From what I can make of it I personally see capital punishment as doing the same evil to the guilty as was done to the victim. No one is justified in taking life away from someone so what makes it okay for the criminal system to do the same. I strongly believe the guilty should be punished no doubt. But by doing what they did to someone else makes us no better. Especially when it is done accidentally. When the wrongly convicted are killed to the death penalty we have actually done the same thing as murders have done. We have killed an innocent person, so then who gets sentenced to death for murdering them?

Surprisingly I found a video that shares the same idea as me. In this Youtube video they share pictures of victims last means before being executed. But the only problem is that these people were innocent. If there is no way for us to be 100% sure that the person we are about to kill is 100% guilty of the crime they are being convicted of then we have no right as a society to end their lives. If there is room for errors then we should not have a death penalty. Ending a life is a very big tricky thing, because once its done there is no undoing. The man on the youtube video was once for the Death Penalty and has now switched because of his realization that many people were being killed that should have not been. The Death penalty does not serve justice, and in fact when done wrong we have ended up doing  the same disgusting act as the criminals. Its not a very good example for society. It actually makes me scared for our criminal system. Killing murders does not make anything any better, it actually makes us look ridiculous when an accident is made and we kill someone innocent. This system is ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “An eye for an eye (o)_(o)

  1. I agree with you in many ways. I also found myself agreeing with Haag on some points and disagreeing with him on others. There have been many cases in which the person executed for a crime was later found innocent and that is absolutely awful, that’s something that can never be undone and I agree that by executing the innocent, we are doing exactly what was done to the victims. However, when it comes to those who were found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, or even those who have admitted to their crimes, I believe the death penalty is completely just. Haag states in the reading that murdering an innocent victim and executing a convicted criminal are two completely different things. Although the physical aspect of the act is the same, it is the social aspect that is relevant and very different in each case.

  2. I agree with this post and comment. Sometimes people are given the death penalty and are innocent. This is very sad because the person who really did the crime should be the one in that position. But for the people who are truly convicted of the crime and given the death penalty they deserve to have the death penalty. I agree that it should be an eye for an eye. The person who kills an innocent person deserves to be killed for what he did. We just need to get better at making sure we are putting the correct people behind bars.

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