“What would you do?”

What would you do if a friend or family member were in great need of food, shelter, and/or clothing? Would you be willing to help? To many people, the answer to that question would be yes. However, would you give the same aid that you would give to a friend or family member to a complete stranger? In this week’s reading, it makes us question if we would go out of our way to help complete strangers such as ruining our wardrobe to save a person from drowning. However, the examples that it uses are pretty much “no brianers”. You would have to be a pretty disturbed person to prefer preserving your clothing than to save another human’s life. However, it made me question events that are more likely to occur in our daily life. Such as, “what would you do if you find a stranger laying on the ground helpless?” Would you help them? Again, I believe many people would say yes. However, shown in “What would you do?” video, many people would actually pass by the stranger without giving him/her a second look. In the video, it shows three incidents: a businesswomen laying in the sidewalk, a homeless man, and the same homeless man with a beer can in his hand. It was amazing to see how people can easily over look a person who may be in need.
In the first incident, it showed a businesswoman clasping in the middle of the sidewalk. It took a total of 6 seconds for someone to respond. Yet, with the homeless man, it took 3 minutes before someone stopped and helped him. In the third and final incident, the same homeless man clasped in the middle of the sidewalk but with a beer can. This time, nobody stopped. It took another homeless person to help him. It was depressing to see how many people assume that the homeless man was drunk. People passed by, not even checking if he was alive. Instead of asking, “would you help a person from drowning,” one should ask, “would you check if that person laying in the middle of the sidewalk is still alive?”


2 thoughts on ““What would you do?”

  1. Well Anayeli the world in a state of I do not want to get involved. This is a state of thinking that our nation has come to in these current times. Have you ever been downtown Los Angeles and seen the sidewalks filled with homeless people? I have gone down those streets and it sad to see individual and some families living in cardboard house and coming up to you begging for money. What are we doing about it? Its in plane view and people step over it everyday and say that not my problem. Another example is if you see someone getting mugged do you step? Or do you walk by and do nothing? Many people would walk by as if nothing is going on. I feel as human we need to get involved in our communities to make them a better place for our children because if we continue on this path society will become non-social.

  2. It is so sad to see what our society has come to. The fact that oppression and lack of resources has gotten the best of us is sad to see. The question, “What would you do?” kind of goes back to the question that we have revisited in our class over and over again, could you live with yourself? It is easy for one to say they would help somebody close to them in need. I know that my family and friends come first in my life and that I would do anything for them. What gets harder is when one has to go outside of their comfort zone. Helping someone in need who may not be close to you may not come as naturally as helping someone you know. Of course if a stranger was in need on the street I wouldn’t think twice about helping them, but what would my actions be? I’ll admit that my actions may be a little more hesitant, but after watching this video I have become even more aware that just because nobody else is reacting to a stranger in need doesn’t mean you have to do the same. This kind of makes me think of my personal encounters with homeless people. Even though it may not be a lot I always like to provide whatever spare change because at the end of the day every little bit can make a difference.

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