What is “News” anymore?

After reading the chapter on “managing the news” in our book, felt that there would be many good examples of how the news and media is swayed to portray the views of one political party over another’s or show a company in a favorable light or bring attention away from situations that could incite panic, and there are many examples of these things….far too many examples to exhibit in one blog post. These are not things that happen every one in a while, these happen every day, multiple times a day. This is our generation’s “news”. At least on television, there is no more objective source and there is no news anchor that will give you a story without voicing their opinion or the opinion of the companies which finance or own that news station. The news has been completely and thoroughly managed. To the point that I am not entirely sure that I have heard of any news story that had not been swayed to be more favorable to a certain group of people over another. I personally find it difficult to watch mainstream news channels because I have no desire to pick through the fluff news and subjective commentary to find the bare bones of what the original story was. Somewhere between a celebrity arrest and an extremist group’s protest there may be some thirty seconds dedicated to foreign affairs or government dealings but it is not without heavy criticism from one political side or another.

And while smaller news sources such as Huffington Post may do a better job at delivering actual news items, will they ever receive as much or more recognition than large news stations without selling out to sponsors as well? 

All I know is that watching a news broadcast nowadays makes my head spin and that is exactly what it is intended to do. An example of politics, corporations, lobbyists or anything else “managing the news”?…I’ll just point you to a television. Because the example is the news, day in and day out. I would urge someone to find an example of news that has not been touched by any influence and I would be very impressed if someone were to find one.


2 thoughts on “What is “News” anymore?

  1. I also feel the news is censored and influenced by sponsors. I do not feel the story presented to the public give any true and informative information. There is a lot of fluff you have to shift through to even make sense of what is being broadcasted. The big stations like Fox News, CNN, ABC 7 news and KTLA 5 News all broadcast the same story just at different times. I know there is a connection on someone allowing these stations to broadcast certain stories. I would just like to hear some truth in what is really happening in our nation today without the influences. I just want to know will the “News” ever go back to being informative?

  2. After reading your blog, I agree on some points and disagree on others. I do not believe anchors necessarily give their own opinions all the time. If some of them do, it is probably geared toward stations such as Fox or MSNBC. Typically with other mainstream news stations such as ABC and KTLA, anchors are usually just supposed to read the teleprompter and nothing more.
    I do agree with the point that many sponsors have taken over or given these stations certain directions of what and who to report on. We have to remember that like anything else, it is a business. Stations are competing against one another and all are ultimately out to make a profit.

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