The Truth, The Lie and The News

The Truth, The Lie and The News

The News like any other business does what it does for profit. This is why more people need to be critical about the news. The news will be misleading and skew their headlines to keep viewers watching. The news do this in different ways it can be just with the title to make you watch the entire clip or by using it as a teaser. They may have a big headline and mention it before each break to stay tune and the “big headline” could be nothing or just pretty much what they already said. The headline being skew can be seen on television or newspapers. Part of the headline could be true and as long as a portion of it is correct nobody questions it.
In addition to headlines being skewed images can also be skewed. That is why I chose this picture.You can see the entire image as one thing going on. In the screen it looks like the complete opposite. News can have a basic story and run in any direct they choose. This happens because as I mentioned earlier the news is in it for the money. They will show and talk about whatever will keep your interest and continue to watch their channel. Today there are many news channels to choose from which keeps them blowing stories out proportion. This causes them to get sloppy and sometimes they don’t even check their facts which most of the times they can get away with. Other times they get into trouble for example recently with the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend case. Nobody checked any sources and this fake girlfriend of an elite college football player who was supposedly sick and died from cancer never actually exist. On must also consider who the news works for. They will always try to put their own people in a good light in politics products or any other thing. The news is made to inform us but is the information really reliable? If not why do we still bother to watch?


2 thoughts on “The Truth, The Lie and The News

  1. The way the news relays information is really our fault. The news has developed into an entertainment source because most people do not want to see a bunch of talking heads on the television. It is really a shame that people do not want to watch the news because it is not interesting. Can we really blame the news for the way they portray information? They can be blamed a little because they are responsible for being honest with their reporting, but the real blame goes to United States Capitalist structure. Ideas are not important unless they can make money. News networks and sources need viewers and readers. Advertisers do not pay to advertise their product if no one is watching. The system behind the news is flawed.

  2. Personally I enjoy watching the news. Before I had different a view on this issue because like most, I didn’t know what to believe and whether or not the information being relied was in an appropriate manner. But now that I am aware that the news should not take the full fall and that the system behind the news is what is ultimately flawed, I am able to critically think about the issues being presented to me. This is why it is so important to critically think about issues and experiences presented to you on a daily basis because it brings awareness. Although the news may arm me with information that may be bias, as long as I am armed with some knowledge I can go on to learn more through researching on my own. As long as one is ready to critically think about the messages being sent to you, I think everyone should watch the news to arm themselves with vital information that makes our world go round.

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