What happened to Julian Assange

The section in our text book that spoke about government censorship was particularly interesting. I think this may be the first time that I see examples of Government censorship so blatantly listed in a text book I’m surprised it’s not censored itself. The book briefly mentions how since September eleventh in two thousand one the government has through the freedom of information act been able to keep the media from probing into parts of the government it once could. Some of the examples given as to the implementation of the freedom of information act talk about Muslims that were deported without the media’s and therefore the public’s knowledge.  The examples of government censorship of the media is troubling to me, it makes me question what they really meant by freedom of speech and the press. So how are we to know what the government is really up to are we supposed to believe in the good natured people of the CIA or FBI not to abuse their now seemingly unchecked authorities? So when the president says something  is going to be done we the public should just take him at his word since there is no guarantee that what the media is feeding us is anything other than government censored jargon. One other topic that this section of the book brought up in my mind was the case of Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks, a man that made headlines for reporting on things no one else would touch. Mr. Assange made lots of enemies from the underground headquarters of wiki leaks enemies in high places. The U.S. wanted him for releasing classified documents to the public but they couldn’t  justify his capture with that alone, next thing you know hes arrested on sexual abuse charges and the hottest news item in the world just disappears. What happened to this guy I believe that his disappearance from the main stream medias eye was just another example of government power and censorship. As far as anyone knows, Britain has him locked up  and will not grant him safe passage to Ecuador  who has granted him political asylum. 




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