To Feed……or……..Not To Feed

Logical or Moral Responsibility

As I went through the first readings by Peter Singer I found him to be very on edge about people in Western societies respons to the underprivileged. He seemed to find them very cold hearted and slightly narcissistic in comparison to other countries that have devoted more time to other countries in times of dier need. Singer even went so far as to try and simplify the essential act of saving a drowning child in the pond by simply sacrificing your clothing and time to do so.

Well as honorable as his words are they are simply just that when it comes to getting people to really step outside themselves and devoting time towards a cause that they feel is worth the risks. People like to feel generous and they like to be considered a good person *human being*, yet when it comes right down to it people need to sacrifice in order to make changes. This notion that you will not lose anything by preforming an action is really falsely disclaiming reality. Nothing is gained without the necessary sacrifice in return. I’m not saying that it has to be a big sacrifice but telling others that is nothing to give up in order to help the less fortunate is lying to get the action started.

Knowledge of those that are oppressed and deprived will bring about change, but first it has to start within the society that is originates. Otherwise, you will start more problems for those you are trying to help rather than eliminate them. I do feel that as a Western Nation we should help out those that cry out for it and desire to be more than what they are, but it must not be forced upon us and have those that refuse to be branded as unmorally cold and selfish. I feel like we must take in our own problems first anf for most and assess if we are capable at the moment to really lend aid. If so then use the media to get your message across and hype up individuals to lend a helping hand to people that need them the most. Although, if we are not in the right financial or situation circumstance than those suffering will need to wait til we have the funds and abundant recourses to truly help them out so that they will not be needing aid afterwards. That then would be true aid to the unfortunate and thus in a sense providing service without sacrifice.


2 thoughts on “To Feed……or……..Not To Feed

  1. I agree that the change has to definitely start from the society it originates from. By just giving food and water and supplies we are not solving the problem. We are temporally but not in the long wrong. Yes, we have prolonged the starvation of people by giving food but what happens when the food runs out. We need to begin to look at the bigger picture and come up with a solution that will make for a better future. Money should be put into education and providing jobs in these countries so that hunger lessens.

    • I agree that food and supplies will eventually run out but it should not stop us from trying to make a difference in others lives. We should help in any way possible and not just stop at the simple issues but look at the bigger ones as well. Though, the problem usually lies with the form of government or support that they have. Education is the best and biggest way to impact any form of society. Knowledge is power, and that has proven to be true in many forms of history. For a better future we have to educated and help out. Get people in the community involved and have them start to wonder why they are in the situations they are, and think about how they could change it. Change can start with one and spread and become one of many.

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