Tell Me What I Already Know

The United Nations Millennium Goal: End Poverty and Hunger.

Singer, although good in theory expresses an extreme way to deal with the devastation of world hunger and other life-threatening issues.

On one hand I can put myself in Singer’s position. It is ridiculous to know people are spending hundreds of dollars on useless expenses such as pet grooming, plastic surgeries, etc., instead of helping human beings who are fighting to stay alive. I understand that this can suddenly cause a sense of urgency; a desire/responsibility to help out. In reality, whenever much of us are told or presented with these facts, we momentarily enter into a state of longing to help. Yet those feelings quickly fade off and we continue on to the lives we are used to living. Primarily, for us as a first world, we tend to divert our attention to what is in-style; what is the next city to see or the next out-of-the-box restaurant to eat at. It’s simply a part of who we are and how we live.

The point is that we see and are aware of the issue at hand. We care but the issue is simply too large for one person to focus all their attention on. We want to help, but it is out of reach. In addition, we are bombarded with the lifestyles of our own personal likings. That idea that people are dying in Bengal is once again stored into our wealth of knowledge, yet we feel powerless in its intimidating place along a grander scale.

And yet if we choose to go as far as Singer, it is almost as if we all must conform into one Socialistic society that allows everyone to catch up before we continue on to our consumer-driven lives. Although I understand and acknowledge Singer’s premise, I believe there is another type of effective solution that can have more realistic results.

I believe this all boils down to education and the amount that is embedded into our minds. We are periodically told about wars, famine, hunger, etc. that take place in other countries. We see it in commercials, movies, school lectures, and more. I believe as long as it is treated ‘lightly’ there will never be much of an effective change. People should not have to come across the issue through something that is shown every once-in-a-while. In some type of effort, us as human beings should be held accountable for what we know but are not acting on. That does not mean to strip us down from our materialistic lifestyles (even though that would be helpful). It means incorporating this type of education in corporations, schools and the work-place. It should be just as routine as the pledge of allegiance once was. We would repeatedly be told what is going on. Then, I believe, there would be a greater possibility of recourse and response.

Educating on a repetitive, effective level could ultimately lead to a greater amount of success.


One thought on “Tell Me What I Already Know

  1. Shelby I agree with what you are saying about helping to end hunger. The problem is self is going to come before anything else. I feel we as a society have gone away for really standing for causes. A good example would be the 60s when protests and boycotts were everywhere and used to get the message across to make a difference. I think the idea to have your work place, credit card companies, and government institution educate and donate to help end the poverty cases would benefit in making a change. To make this happen consumers would have to voice that this change needs to happen and be in the face of everyone. The only way to have change happen for a cause is the masses behind you. It overwhelming when it lays on the should of just one person. The educating is the start to having people aware of the cause, but at some point action must follow.

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