Pono – hawaiian for ” Do what is Right”

This reading took me back to our class example of if we were morally obligated to stay hooked up to a machine in order to preserve someones life. And it all ties back to the fact that you do what you can live with. It would not necessarily be bad to unhook yourself from the machine because it is not your moral responsibility to keep this person alive using your body. But it also would not be good to unhook yourself from the machine.

A good majority of people in the world are not oblivious to the problems of poverty happening across the world. A good good majority of these people that are informed about it, do nothing to help. So this obviously means these people are content and can continue on living knowing they are not helping these suffering people across the globe.

Personally I agree with Singer in the sense that you ought to help if you can. If you can help someone then you should. You may not morally HAVE to but if you have the option and time and resources etc. to make someones life, or day easier then why not help. And if its not taking a huge part out of your life then you should. But I also agree with Arthur’s reasoning too, For example I have picked up a homeless person hitching and given them a ride to where they have had to go. I had the car and I had no where to be in a hurry so why not?  But this doesn’t mean that I have the time and gas money  to go around all day picking up homeless people and taking them where they have to go. And I think this is what Arthur is trying to say.

Poverty is such a huge topic to tackle and everybody’s morals are so different that some would let the child drown in the river and some could not bare to have that on their conscience if they didn’t in some way help to save the child. It is an issue that is very hard to judge.



One thought on “Pono – hawaiian for ” Do what is Right”

  1. I also partially agree with Singer. People need to take more responsibility in helping those that are not as fortunate. It really comes down to taking the initiative. So many people, especially us living in a first-world country are aware of the extensive poverty levels outside our borders. Yet, no matter how much we would like to contribute, the issue is so large and overwhelming. As a result, I believe many simply turn away from even considering helping because it is too extensive of an issue to worry about.

    Majority of these people have not experienced it firsthand, therefore the passion and societal responsibility to help is not a priority. I believe until one lives and truly experiences hardship, there is no way to teach people how they should feel or react without hesitating to such a large-scale issue.
    More so, although many of us will never know exactly how it feels, we must all take initiative even if that means small monthly donations, etc.

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