I love my shoes….

There are plenty of commercials asking you to donate to save a hungry child in a country halfway around the world.  They show children that are malnourished, need medical attention and have a short life expectancy.  They obviously play on your hearts and minds by asking for a few cents per day.

I think it’s great to donate but not to the point where you’re putting your family at risk.  Most of us go out and buy clothing and shoes we want and do not need.  Now what I mean by want is clothing that serves no purpose but makes you well dressed.  If you need an article of clothing to keep you warm or a pair of shoes you need for everyday use that’s not an issue.  We all understand and no one chooses to be cold.

Let’s take a look at something closer to home; a child drowning in a lake and no one is around but you.  You’re wearing a nice pair of shoes.  You need those shoes to jump in this lake since there are rocks and stones and you cannot reach here without these shoes.  Now, I hope we’d all jump in and save this girl from drowning and value life over materialistic things.

Imagine the same scenario but this time there are several other people around watching this girl in distress.  Do you jump in and help this girl?  Do you wait for someone else to jump in so you can keep from ruining a pair of shoes?  Just because others are around doesn’t lessen the burden we have to save a life.  I hope you would jump in and save this little girl.

I currently do not give as much as I’d like, but I am hoping once I finish my education I’ll be able to donate a bigger percentage of my salary.  I have a personal goal set for myself and I plan to diligently work towards this goal by donating time and money to a worthy cause.

What should we / you do?


One thought on “I love my shoes….

  1. I would think that we would all jump in and safe this boy/girl who is drowning. Shoes should not even matter at this point. If there is someone drowning then we need to save them. There are people who are just going to walk by and not even do anything. When I was in third grade I was walking to school with my mom and this girl was crossing the street and a truck came and hit her. She went flying in the air and was very injured. I was so scared but my mom and I were right next to my friends house. My mom went to go help the girl and I ran inside my friends to call 911. My mom and I were the only ones helping at first as plenty of people were walking by but no one else was helping out. Even though people have places to be, you would think that someone else would want to stop and help out.

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