Consume Consume Consume

The poverty rate in the United States on November 2012 was calculated as 16% approximately 43.6 million; the rate is calculated by families earning less than $23,050 for a family of 4.

Poverty is seen differently around the world. What we here in the United States see as poverty is seen as luxuries in different countries. Things seen as necessities like cell phones, internet, and running water are seen as luxuries in other third world countries. On the Ecological Footprint Quiz, it calculates the number of Earth it would take for everyone on this plant to live the lifestyle you live sustainably. I took the Footprint Quiz based on my life at home in a family of 4, and it was calculated that in order for everyone on this plant to live like I do there would need to be 4.65 Earths. There are about 7 billion people on this planet most not as “blessed” as we are, however about 20% of the population uses about 80% of this worlds resources.

Americans over consume, since children we have been bombarded by ads and the idea of consumption. Every day we consume some people more than others. In today’s world poverty is a necessity; when some people take so much they leave others with nothing. There are only a certain number of resources on this planet and when consumption is driven by wealth, the poor get scraps. It is sad that people die because they don’t have money for food. Humans prospered because of their ability to stay together and work as a group and caring for  each other, and now when $$$$$ was created basic human needs are not being filled, to the point of starvation.

Is consuming and wasting so much while others are dying of starvation wrong? I believe it is wrong, however not seeing their suffering firsthand and difficulty to help we are able to blind ourselves.


3 thoughts on “Consume Consume Consume

  1. Great post. This relates to my post last week about Americans Consumption. We are so concerned about getting the next new Iphone that we forget we will be fine with the one we currently had. But its both our fault and the Medias fault. We are brought up always wanting the next new thing thanks to commercials thrown at us from every single angle so we do what commercials want us to do, we go out and but the things we don’t necessarily need! So yes it is wrong for us as a country to be worried about the next iPhone coming out as we pass a homeless veteran on the street. I believe our country has no excuse to have poor, hungry, homeless people as we all live a life of luxury. And I’m not even talking about foreign countries I am talking about the people in our country that our suffering! Maybe we should stop donating to other countries until we can figure out why we still have hungry people. And fix the problem going on in our society first. One thing at a time.

    • I completely agree. There are so many problems that arise from over consumption, however most either don’t know or don’t care. The media feeds us with wants and diaries to consume, relating happiness to material items. A simple act of purchasing a shirt traces all the way back to the worker that lives in poverty. The owner of the business makes billions exploiting his workers, paying them close to nothing. Excuses are made trying to justify the exploitation if the workers, but is it morally correct? I guess to the owners it is, once again the value of a dollar is hight then the value of morals. Everything in this world has came to revolve around money, it will never change and therefore there will always be poverty in the world. People go through ridiculous lengths to get what they want trumping others in the process.

  2. I also completely agree and this is my stance on the issue completely. The truth is that we do not need all that we have. After living in Brazil for six months, I survived without a phone, a dryer for my clothes (I just hung them outside), buying clothes all the time (I was on a budget), etc. I adapted and it was not at all hard. We are all so used to material items that can make life a little easier but in reality, it is unnecessary, it is polluting and damaging our earth more quickly, and it is a divergence from what we really should be thinking about which is saving lives.
    To us, dying of starvation is not even feasible in America. We use excess money for excess things, all to live comfortably. However, I believe it is our duty to at least assist others beyond the level of starvation and poverty before we even think of buying the items that we really don’t need.

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