Towel Dress, Spray on Hair We good to Go!

I think as a country the United States is ridiculously obsessed with commercials and advertisements. You cant go anywhere with out seeing them. Billboards, sky ads, park benches is nothing sacred. We have become so revolved around making the next dollar. And Im sure more than half the country has even noticed what a huge impact advertisements have on our way of living . We are the puppets and we do what ever they want. We are controlled by these commercials we see everyday whether we like it or not. We buy all the products on tv because we are made to think that we cant live without them and I’m almost a 100 percent sure we can all can continue on living life just as good without the help of a Snickers bar, or bounty Paper towels, or the newest luxury car.

Thanks to the thousands of stupid informercials we are tricked into buying more products that we DO NOT NEED. Do you really need a “Tiddy Bear” to keep your chest comfy while you drive. I mean is this really that big a deal. Do you really need a gold club that you can pee into while your golfing because now going to a restroom is too much work?! Or is this just another useless product that we don’t need but are made to think we need to make our lives easier. And hey anything that makes americans lives easier……their SOLD!! If this video doesnt convince you of how many ridiculous products and unnecessary items we are pressured into buying each year then I dont know what will.

The amount of product consumption in the US is quite sad and embarrassing and the sad thing is people don’t even know that they are being manipulated into buying every single product in their homes that we could do without. Americas new Slogan should be “Less Is More” hahahah like that will ever happen 😀


2 thoughts on “Towel Dress, Spray on Hair We good to Go!

  1. A couple of days I thought about our discussion in class about advertisements, specifically about advertisements paying for everything. We all dislike most advertisements and the methods that advertisers use. However, without advertisers, we wouldn’t have the television shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment that we love so much. We talked about how advertising is currently changing via Facebook. Companies and products get free advertising because we tag or write reviews about them on our Facebook pages. If advertisers see that they can get away with less advertising, without diminishing results, our media market could be severely hurt. Entertainment thrives on the money from advertisers. What happens to the entertainment industry when advertising decreases?

  2. Advertising is everywhere. We see up to 3000 different advertisements a day. I went into business because advertisements have so much to do with business and getting people in the door. Advertisements are what businesses use to grab your attention to a product or to help promote a new product on the market. Businesses know exactly what people are drawn to and they use that to their advantage. We as the consumer are drawn to the commercials and therefore we go to stores and purchase these products. Millions of dollars are spent on advertising per business each year. Because we have the internet now we are given so many new ways to advertise products. If advertisements went out of “style” then businesses would fail.

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