We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby?

We've Come a Long Way, Baby?

Sexist advertisements have always been. Whether they bring more sales or do they just catch and hold our attention. Are they are just the inner thoughts and desires of the men of Madison Avenue seeping out through their creativity? Is this art or the programming of another generation?

We have this conversation all the time. “Sex sells,” he says. “Sex attracts,” I say, “but does that attraction really lead to dollars changing hands?” When it’s all said and done, when the commercial has played or you’ve turned the magazine page, do you want the product? Do you even remember the product? Or are you only left with the impression… the one that was once shocking to you, then accepted, then expected. We’re not really being told what we should buy; we’re being sold on an idea, a lifestyle.

The Herbal Essence shampoo commercial for instance where the women have orgasmic experience while shampooing. Well? Although the commercial was wildly popular, I’ve never purchased the product. The commercial itself did not lead me away from the product, either. I think a coupon probably would’ve appealed to me more.

I think to be moved to purchase by an advertisement I need to see myself in the advertisement– myself as I am, or how I’d like to be. I just don’t see myself in these advertisements. I don’t fit in the picture and so my eyes glaze over unless my husband is watching with me and says, “hey, maybe you should try that shampoo…” Then, all hell breaks loose.


One thought on “We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby?

  1. Many businesses use sex in their advertisements because it does sell. Men have a dirty mind and if they see a girl dressed risque then they are going to be more drawn the that product or at least the commercial. If you have seen the Fiat 500 Abrath commercials, they cater the commercials to men by using a woman to play with a mans hair, or when she is laying on the beach and her bathing suit pops off because a scorpion has pinched it off. Even though these commercials have sex appeal, they are directed towards the wrong target market. Women are the ones who are going to like the Fiat, not the men. They aren’t doing well in the US because of these commercials.

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