Sex Does Sell

Advertising has seemed to change drastically over the years. Nowadays, commercials and ads in magazines seem to often portray some type of “sexual scene” or sultry photo in order to convey their message. I have seen examples of these sexual scenes and/or photos in advertisements made by fast food companies like Carl’s Jr. and Burger King, and even by clothing companies such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci.  These are companies that are selling products that have no relation to sex but for some reason, their ads often portray a sexual scene. Why do you think this is? I think the answer is simple, because sex does sell.

Companies use this tactic knowing that the photo or video will immediately attract the attention of many consumers and make them wonder, “What is this ad for?” The assumption is, that the further the consumer looks, the more likely it is that they will be persuaded to buy the product, or at the very least, the ad will leave a lasting impression in the consumer’s mind.

The fact is, people are often immediately attracted to things that portray something relating to sex. This is why companies use people of the opposite sex to either attract men or women, depending upon the product they are trying to sell. Although the content in these ads seem to be completely unrelated to the products themselves, they are often still very successful in convincing consumers to buy their products. The ads may lead consumers to believe that if they buy the product they will either look like or be able to date someone that looks like the person that appears in the ad.

A good amount of ads nowadays come off offensively or just completely irrelevant and in no way correspond to the product being sold. This is the company’s way of selling. And they are fully aware that the idea of sex does sell. So in this case, they put their morality aside and focus solely on what will sell their product, even if this involves putting half naked women in a burger commercial. 


One thought on “Sex Does Sell

  1. The point of advertising is to make the product look attractive. Advertising methods are often regarded as irrelevant to the actual products. However, these methods do work. Why are these types of advertising methods very efficient? This is because society allows them to be with their purchasing power. I completely agree with you that sex does sell. I commend companies that go outside the normal means of advertising to attract their audience. They are businesses whose first responsibility is to the the company and its stockholders. People may be unhappy with the dynamic shift of advertisements in the last couple decades, but it is their fault. If we want to enact any change, we need to realize that we are the problem when it comes to advertising.

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