Ten Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Nowadays it is obvious that everyone is out to make a profit. To make that profit means grabbing the attention of its viewers or audience, and at all costs.

Large corporations, high fashion brands and more have succumbed to creating demeaning ads and degrading the entire gender of women. But what exactly does this do? It seems like instead of creating some type of effective marketing wave that attracts consumers, there is some sort of rite of passage for those brands who have reached a large amount of success. I have never really seen a less popular brand advertise the way these companies do. Aside from solely high fashion, once these particular brands attain a certain level of achievement and a ‘reputation,’ sexually violent ads seem to be the next step.

I guess you can say it is more risky on their part—perhaps they are trying to make some type of statement to maintain that level of popularity and rebel against what majority of society deems morally wrong or politically incorrect. After all, if there is something that is wrong or extremely vulgar, it is within our nature to give it more attention because it stirs controversy.

However, aside from the not-so-justified reason for these brands advertising in this manner, it does take society two steps back. While so many groups and organizations fight to build the role of women and emphasize their importance in society, these corporations and their ads are completely challenging progression.

Yes, we have come a long way. Within the 20th century, women stepped out of the ordinary housewife role, gained the right to vote, etc., which ultimately reflects the mere evolution of the situation at hand.

I do not believe we should allow these types of ads to be marketed. Aside from the overall portrayal of women, we must have a respect for women who have unfortunately dealt with rape. In addition, what about the young girls AND BOYS who will be seeing these ads? This can ultimately show that maybe it is normal for such instances to occur.

Aside from earning profit and giving into our capitalistic nature, these brands need to maintain a certain level of respect for society in general.


2 thoughts on “Ten Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. Yes Shelby I agree with what you are saying. I think these popular brands are pushing the envelope because they know their ads will intrigue the customers they target. The company that display women in these vulgar roles do not respect the boundary of the women the just care about making a profit. I feel there should be stricter laws held towards advertisers to hold them to a standard that will be respectful and mindful of the ideas they want to present to the customer. It seem we as society should not tolerate what is being thought to catch our attention in this shocking way and boycott these companies till they change their way of advertising.

  2. It is crazy to think that we see sexually violent advertisements as much as we do. These sexually violent ads have shaped our society into what it is today and they will continue to form misconceptions of what a male and what a female should be. Males are usually portrayed as dominant aggressors, while females are shown as submissive sexual beings with little worth or value. What are these ads teaching our society? It becomes natural and we automatically form these thoughts about certain gender aspects, which leads to stereotypes and affects our perceptions of men and women, that could lead to certain social injustices such as victim blaming and oppression. Advertisements communicate messages to us through images and is such a powerful force to large amounts of people at once. This scares me because the way women and men are portrayed in sexually violent ads is too common and has become the norm. These advertisements are solely used to seek the attention of an audience, but it is important to become critical of the messages we are receiving as a society and understand the deeper meaning.

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