Sexually Advise Me….Please!!

There are so many advertisements out there that solicit women and even men as sexual objects to get or receive views and push merchandise. Yet, is this really sending the right messages to people out there about what they are actually buying? In one of the commercials I have above it shows a pig in a club of some sorts and he takes interest in this gorgeous woman, though she only sees him as a disgusting, hideous pig. That is until he goes into the men’s restroom and purchases a Trogen  condom and as soon as it drops from the dispensary he turns into an attractive man. Now it makes him suddenly appealing and instantly she wants to have sex with him, and completely bypassing the fact that this scenario  as fictitious as it may be, is completely absurd. How come most of these well trained and educated marketers, cannot just deliver the facts and give it to people straight.

One reason being is the simple phrase that everyone knows, “SEX SELLS“…………and it sells very well. Most of the time people are so distracted by the beautiful models or famous actors and actresses that they pay no attention to the messages  be subliminal or underling, that is being portrayed. All its showing is that if you are attractive then people (men/women) will fall to your feet, or bend over backwards to make you happy, or go after you period. So anyone that does not look like them or is even remotely attractive then you do not matter. As long as they are getting the message across that attractive people buy our product people do not care about what it is to be honest. In fact most of the time people dont even remember what tech actual advertisement is really about or what they were trying to market.

I feel like when it comes to advertising sure it is great to be creative and imaginative and make something eye catching for people to be drawn too, but lets expand our thought process here a bit. We are as humans sexual beings but that is not all we are! I know for a fact that marketers can be more creative than to portray to the stereotypes that have been going on for years. People need to open their eyes fully and see what it is that is being presented to them and the decide based on the information provided, and information obtained elsewhere that the particular item is right for them. Otherwise you’ll fall for anything and still have nothing.


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