Sexism in Advertising: How Far is Too Far?

FIAT 500 Abarth - Seduction - 2012 Super Bowl Contender

FIAT 500 Abarth – Seduction – 2012 Super Bowl Contender

Has advertising gone too far on their ads? I would say Yes! Society has become so accepting with whats on television these days that commercials are becoming more and more bizarre. Super Bowl is a time where the commercials are closely watched to out do each year of who will have the best ad. A commercial displaying a seductively dress woman teasing a geek to sell a car is a prime example of how far an advertising companies will take commercials during the Super bowl competition. The last few years of Super Bowl commercial have not been great because the ads have gone too far with exploitation. Before the commercial during Super bowl where very creative with the Budweiser frogs in the swamp and dancing babies drinking Pepsi. These new commercials advertisements are giving a false reality to the generations to come. Will the right car get you with that beautiful woman? Maybe or maybe not. That has been the tactics of marketing for years. These marketing companies do not really care to much of who the ad offend but will it get the attention of the watcher.  The more outrageous the ad the more attention it will receive bad and good. The products in these ads are most important and morals and ethic takes the far back seat.  The ads do not just stop at television, but the magazines are just as bad or maybe a little worst. The magazine ads must be more captive to the reader or they will get overlooked. you may see an ad with a woman eating a banana but meant to resemble her performing oral sex on a man. Another example would be a magazine ads described in the article where a woman is being gang banged to advertise Dolce & Gabbana product because they believe women like it rough. Advertisers continue to push the sex ads on us as a society, but when will we not tolerate it no longer. The big question is whose at fault for letting it go this far the advertisers or society accepting the ads?


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