M and MMMmmmmm



Sex appeal is the secret ingredient that makes nut meg seem like a unnecessary ingredient. Although sex has been given the evil eye for being an advocate to the medias justified portrayal of sexual violence, sex still is an action and feeling that must be maintained by the viewers.

I believe that sex should be used openly and freely for advertisement. Although sex does point us in the correct shipping direction most people are capable enough to understand what an item does. Sex on TV especially in commercial,  gives business marketing competition and identity in the market. There are some things I’ve seen like the green Mnm, in the above commercial portrays a conservative level of sexy Ness. But the message is still fun and focuses on the product.

With this said I think that sex is ok to have and that the educated should share the knowledge to make more sound decisions.

If we had all given into the violence shown on TV and banned the commercials that violated conservstives then we wouldn’t be able to distinguish.


2 thoughts on “M and MMMmmmmm

  1. Fred I feel commercials show too much about sex on television and let are youth in thinking about doing it too early. I feel the sex in television shows are very explicit and many young people are taught through these images view on them. Since parents do not have the time explain what is shown on today’s commercials and television sitcoms. If you reverse back to the 1940s and 1950s half of the shows and commercials would not have been allowed but banned from even being able to air. I feel that if we keep pushing the envelop of explicit sexual commercials and shows we will be very close to allowing porn on majorly view stations.

  2. Advertiser’s ultimate goal is to attract a large amount of audience at once and sex does just that. Sexual advertisements is one of the top strategies used to ultimately receive attention. It is not so much about the product these days, but more about how the product is advertised. Carl’s Jr. has a history of using some the most famous beauties to sell their burger. But what we critically have to think about is what kind of messages these commercials are sending to our society, especially our youth? Sex in advertising is present in a lot of Carl’s Jr. commercials, especially when it comes to portraying females in a negative light. Whether it is showing females as sexually submissive and willing or showing a man seductively eating a burger, at the end of the day we must become aware that these messages have an effect of our conceptions of men and women. We need to realize that a commercial about something so little like a burger can have a deeper meaning and lasting effect on our future.

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