Glamorous Rape?

Glamorous Rape?

In a Dolce & Gabbana ad, they chose to use sex in promoting their product, however this particular ad brought controversy. Sexual Violence is a sensitive subject because it affects so many lives. The Dolce & Gabbana ad focused on a girl being held down by one man in a very sexual manor, while three other men stand watching. In The Glamorous Rape blog post by Charlotte she expresses her views on the “gang rape” ad made to promote Dolce & Gabbana. She writes about an event that she vividly remembers while she was interning, she was a “peer counselor” and received a call about a young who was gang raped at a frat house. Arriving at the call she stayed with the girl all night until she fell asleep, she saw the damage in the girl’s eyes and on her body, rape or any “sexual crimes are vicious, cruel, and damaging.”

Sexual violence has been all over the media, in movies, songs, books, and advertisements. Charlotte wrote in her blog, “the media is selling us an image of rape and domestic violence as being artistic, dramatic, the result of misguided love and – most terrifying – wanted.” This ad has the woman pinned down however not fully resisting, it seems forceful yet wanted in some way.

Sexual Violence is an extremely sensitive subject; many people from different ages and gender are damaged and affected by it. Sexual Violence is not glamorous and it is not what the ad makes it out to be. Media greatly affects society; society mirrors media in many different ways through adolescents and lifestyles. To see sexual violence being “promoted” in a glamorous way it frightens me thinking what could come of it and where society is going to lead us in the future. 


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