Extreme sports and Energy drinks

Products depend on advertising having the ability to reach consumers in such a way that we not only want the product being offered but also remember that we want this product later when we’re ready to buy it. The concept isn’t difficult to understand, the idea is to make the biggest impression possible on the consumer so that we can’t help but remember whatever s being sold to us. Advertisements hold nothing holy when it comes to making money. The entities that push advertisement campaigns have and will use strategy’s that are meant to get emotional responses from the audience, fun, acceptance, fear,  and sexuality are only some of the more popular tools that advertisements use to get this deep recognition of a product. The most effective advertisement strategies are the most functional; they’re concerned with ethics and morals only in the most legal sense of the word to avoid liability. The profits over people approach that most advertisements take can mislead and even hurt people.   

Advertisements aren’t only used to sell you products; they are often used to sell concepts, ideas, and life styles. Almost every social issue has some type of special interest group funding a commercial around the time of election that attempt to sway public opinion in their favor. The military has long used advertising techniques to make joining the military seem beneficial, and even desirable. Although it may be difficult to understand, the link that I provided is connected to a television commercial made for a energy drink. The commercial shows a multitude of extreme sports highlights, everything from mountain biking to sky diving. The commercial does very little to show the connection between the drink it ‘self and the activities shown but  demands that the only limitations we have are the ones we set ourselves as it flashes the energy drinks’ logo.  This commercial is loaded with plays on weaknesses, emotions, and fears though it makes no promises it does imply a connection between all of the activities and the energy drink other than the obvious financial sponsorship. The reasoning implied with the evidence giving invite us to reason fallaciously. I seriously doubt that all of these athletes have had the way to anyone of their sports facilitated in anyway by the drink it ‘self.  



2 thoughts on “Extreme sports and Energy drinks

  1. I’ve always found advertisements an interesting subject, Mad Men anyone, because of the nature of coercion that is inherent in their very existence. To say that an advertisement exists to do anything other than sell a product to the audience is ridiculous. As you pointed out, they are full of fallacious reasoning because the public does not easily decipher that type of reasoning. Public relations knows this, and public relations uses this to their advantage, tweaking words, phrasing, or throwing in the occasional red herring. Advertisements are a million dollar investment for a reason, that reason being that they often guarantee millions as a return on that investment, and as sad as it is to say, they can easily persuade the average person, as well as many exceptional individuals in society.

  2. Ricardo I agree with you that advertisement company take no sides when it comes to making a profit. Companies will do whatever it takes to draw the customer in to desire their product. If it’s degrading women or using a racial stereotype to get their point across they will. Sex in advertisement is probably the number one means of advertising a product these days. I can turn the channel without seeing some women being used to look seductive, sexy, or irresistible. Does it catch the audience attention yes but it does not make me want to buy that product. I think advertisers need to come up with other means to catching the audience’s attention besides sex.

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