Does sex sell?

Sex sells! So many companies use women and men as sex objects to sell their products.  You wouldn’t be as inclined to try or purchase the product if it was a larger lady who wasn’t very attractive eating the Carls Jr. burger than Kate Upton whose boobs are pushed up to her chin.  You also wouldn’t buy that Calvin Klein underwear if David Beckam weren’t wearing them.  Just because the woman is barely wearing any clothes doesn’t mean it is a bad commercial.  The commercial is meant to help sell the project.  I think that women are portrayed more sexually in commercials or ads than men. 

During this commercial for Dolce and Gabbana the man is barely wearing a Speedo and the girl is wearing a small white bikini.  The girl is trying to look seductive as the man jumps into the water and she jumps in after him.  They both get out of the water and start to kiss.  Both the man and the woman are dripping wet and he starts to untie her bathing suit top.  They show him touching her but and he is about to take her top off someone comes in the shot with action board and yells cut.  On the board it says scene sixty-nine.  The commercial is trying to sell the new Dolce and Gabbana’s cologne and perfume. 

This commercial is a perfect example of how sex sells.  I feel like they take it to another level when they have the scene being scene sixty-nine.  This commercial is sexist too both men and woman.  The woman is trying to be all sexy and the man is shirtless, tan, has a nice body and barely has a bathing suit on.  At least in this commercial both the man and the woman are being used for sexy advertisements but the girl is used more.  Especially when he is taking her clothes off and they show him grabbing her butt. There are so many commercials that are just like this one.


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