I love burgers!!!

The Carl’s Jr. and Kate Upton commercial would attract any man (generally speaking) since we love sex (hot chicks) and food. The attention span of a typical male these days is quite short (I know bad joke, huh?). Well, Kate Upton does an outstanding job in gaining and holding a man’s attention for longer than his girlfriend or wife. At best, we listen for about 3 to 5 seconds and then we think about something else, usually sex or food or both.

Carl’s Jr indeed makes some great burgers and have recently rolled out several new ones. The only way a man will know what they offer on their menu is to advertise a burger with a very attractive lady stripping down and eating their burger. This advertisement reinforces my belief that most men are stubborn and generally eat the same thing each time they visit a particular restaurant; therefore, we need to be shown what is now being offered at your local Carl’s or Hardee’s. This commercial appears to be sexist because it’s only attracting the male sex, well maybe a few ladies dig it too. Carl’s has rolled out several sexist commercials in the past, each one with a different attractive girl doing something, stripping down and eating their latest creation.

Most people, need a motive to do anything. No one goes out to do something just for the heck of it. There is always something in it for me. Kate Upton is their motivator and convinces men to go out and try this new burger. I think the first guy that’s going straight to Carl’s is the guy to Upton’s left side watching her eat that burger.

Lastly, I didn’t think this commercial was so bad it couldn’t be air during the Super Bowl. I believe it was fit for the general public. What would convince me would be the price paid for the 30 second commercial, $4M.


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