Whore’s Glory

Whores’ Glory is an EXTREMELY interesting documentary I recently watched on Netflix. I would suggest the film but would emphasize that it is VERY graphic. It can be difficult to watch at times. It is a compassionate documentary that follows the daily routine of and experiences of of prostitutes in Thailand,Bangladesh and Mexico. I found it very interesting how all three cultures have the same basic common ground of prostitutes but each one involved with this profession all see it completely different.

In Thailand one of the women says they have to enjoy what they do or else they would be unhappy. This in mind it is also only location in the film which the girls show up and they have people there to do their makeup hair and get ready where they all sit behind a glass wall with numbered pins where men choose them. They do interview men in each location and one of the men in the Thailand locationed said he was there to buy himself happiness.

In the Bangladesh location one of the women goes on to say how when men ask her to satisfy them orally she denies them because Allah did not create her mouth for that purpose. This is extremely interesting to me because someone with that lifestyle would limit herself to religious values. The other two locations did have many women who prayed constantly for customers.

In Mexico one of the women said the man could have a supermodel at home but they go to them just because it is different. Another woman goes on to say outside men look down upon them as they are disgusted and yell at them to get out of the town but those are the same men who go to them for services and that is when they love them. There is an unspoken rule where they do not communicate to each other outside her walls.

I would like to go more into detail about the young women in Bangladesh who is interviewed. She talked about her customers good and bad but goes on to say how women are miserable creatures. She continues to say it is hard to survive as a women.Some believe people choose the life they live when at times there is actually no choice for them. She says there is no other path for women. This brings up a double standard between women and men. What makes it worse is in that same location one of the men in that area was interviewed saying if they did not have the brothel district normal women would not be able to go go outside with ut being molested, and if women did not go outside men would rape cows and goats.

Is it too much to ask for a man to control his urges?


4 thoughts on “Whore’s Glory

  1. I’m not too sure about it solely being a man not being able to control his urges. What is mostly disturbing, at least to me, is the far ridden dynamic of the situation. Why must there be such a large double standard that penalizes women and their bodies?
    Throughout all these different cultures and religions, what fostered the idea that men are naturally the dominant gender and they could freely have sex with any woman possible? With such a gender imbalance, there is no such thing as happiness for either gender because ultimately, neither is satisfied with the full pleasure of having a partner sexually, intellectually, mentally, etc.

  2. Is it to much to ask men to control their urges? No, its not to much to ask whether it is achievable and practical to ask all men to pin their will’s versus their natural urges is another question. Are we to assume that all men are endowed with the same will power? Although this might be a whole lot more complicated a question than I’m prepared to answer I am inclined to say that we are not. It seems to me that will much like brains are chosen for us partially by nature partially by nurture and undeniably by fortune. So no I don’t think that a few men’s inability to control their urges is sufficient reason to subjugate women to this type of brutish existence, but we would defiantly need a practical and humane alternative If we abolish prostitution, Lest we trade one atrocity for another.

    • Very interesting. I feel your practical approach, as opposed to ethics, right or gender -based approaches, warrants further examination. Sort of like a flanking attack.

  3. I remember watching this documentary on Netflix and it saddened me to see what these girls/women have to go through to make a living. I understand that someone has the right to do what they please with their body, but the fact that one woman said that she has to force herself to enjoy what she does or else she wouldn’t be happy, makes me sad. Even if it is their choice I still feel that these women are being subjected. The part of the documentary where I felt the most disturbed was about the women in Thailand. After getting done up these girls had to go behind a window with numbers on them, like they were being auctioned off or something. Men were allowed to pick and choose as they pleased and the guy “auctioning” off the women would persuade them to purchase a girl for a limited time by telling them what she was good at. I remember my Mom, sisters and I couldn’t believe what we saw. The guy who was pretty much the salesman of these women would say things like, “she’ll do everything” or “a good price.” Even though this arrangement may be a neutral agreement, which consists of fulfilling one’s happiness in return of rewarding one in payment, I still believe that no one should be held to this standard.

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